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  • Thank you Brian Mayfield for all your useful posts.
    I have the MGX, after five weeks experiencing time consuming amazing mind blowing sensations. My first few attempts were not so good. I have not experienced the super O however I believe it is only a matter of time.
    Using the Aneros is a learning curve, we are using muscles we have probably never used before. If we go to the Gym for the first time we don't expect to become fit overnight, we have to train our muscles, and the same applies using the Aneros.
    I have one physical problem, my testies are partially inside my body causing a low sperm count, a blood test showing over production of female hormone (all men produce an amount of female hormone) the effect is to reduce my interest in sex, and yet I still have a good sex life and enjoying the effects of the MGX.
    So to all who people who are not experiecing many effects as newbies don't give up, practice makes perfect as the saying goes, best of luck to you all.