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full time aneros?
  • I was wondering if you could use the Aneros full time all day.... Tell me about hte aneros. i just found out about this, ive had a fleshlight... i started to try other things.... tell me about the aneros, what will it doto me?
  • The only thing I can tell you for sure, is that everyones experiances with the Aneros differ from person to person. From what I've read on all these posts, most folks have to grow into it. It takes time and patience to master. There are a few lucky ones that have instant success, or success within a few sessions. I'm not one of them. Although, I am making progress.

    I'm not sure about leaving it in all day. I think the official respose is to use it only for about an hour per session. Perhaps longer as you get used to it. I've read posts about folks sleeping with it in, and waking up to an orgasm, or near one. Some have had pleasureable experiances leaving it in and going about their daily activities.(Walking around, watching t.v. etc...) I wouldnt suggest driving a vehicle with it in, or attending a social event.

    In my experiance, the longest I've ever had it in is almost three hours. I had to take it out, because I got way to sensitive. When I'm overstimulated, I find that my body expels the device and theres nothing I can do to make it more comfortable or keep it in. Except get some rest. This is especially true if I give myself a wet orgasm. After that, I do not want the Aneros in me any more.

    Keep in mind, that overusing the aneros or trying to hard is counterproductive to the goal of a hands free, dry orgasm. The super O.