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spinal damage and aneros
  • japjap
    Posts: 2
    I have had limited success with aneros, certainly not the big O that is talked about. Normally during sex I need to use viagra due to spinal cord damage. Viagra's true success has come with people who share this same problem and those advantaged are many. I did think, however, that since the use of the aneros does not always include or require penile stimulation that perhaps I could enjoy this still without the use of viagra. I am guessing that if I used viagra that I may be able to feel this whole body orgasim. Have any other readers shared this same conclusion.
  • I find that using Viagra does make Aneros use slightly more pleasureable. Unless I've had a wet orgasm recently. If I'm sexually frustrated, using Viagra only worsens that frustration, making me more sensitive and receptive to what the Aneros has to offer.

    On the flip side, its can be so intense that I loose all my will power. The temptation to give myself release with a traditional wet orgasm, manually or seeking out my partner, becomes irresistable.

    This may be one of those things that tend to vary from person to person. All I can say is try it once and see if it makes a difference. Don't continue to waste your Viagra if you do not notice anything different.