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First timer
  • When I got my Aneros I was so excited that I couldn't wait to give it a go. So I dropped work for the day when it came in the mail, shut the drapes and got naked. Wow, was I disappointed. I'd cleaned out and lubed up so it went in a treat, seated well and all seemed ok. Slight tremor, a buzz down my dick and then nothing. I tried sitting, standing, lying on each side and my back/front, and tho some sensations were felt it just wasn't good. After almost 45 mins of this I decided to give up, lay down on my back and BAM it happened. The next God knows how many minutes had me arching my groin skywards as I got wave after wave of the most amazing sensations. Butt kept contractions going without me doing any work, amazing. You know that split second before you ejaculate, when your dick sends the trigger to your brain to fire, well it was like that but 100 times more. No ejaculating but I got quite hard. Tried squeezing my dick after a while and BAM off I went again. Strong single gush that left me feeling nicely empty with loads of aftershocks. What came out looked a bit yellowish and probably double what I normally shoot. Nothing felt like this before, balls tingled, and dick warm and pink, very sensitive. Pulling Aneros out triggered another flow but much much less tho still yellow. Can only think that my disappointment at nothing happening made me finally relax so it all clicked. Before I'd been anticipating it too much and probably got tense. So message is RELAX.
  • I agree with this but i was able to pull this off on my side trusting in and out. I first felt my breathing pick up slowly then my heart rate jumpped right up and then all of a sudden the feeling of riding those waves this is something like i have never had before. I felt like i was floating for about 5 min before i felt normal again and i think that cause i pulled it out to write this right now otherwise i would still be on the floor gaspping for breath... I use the bigger one of these by its self i cant wait to try it with the mini vib that came with my pack... wooooohooooo..

    I have to recommend this even for straight males....

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    Lucky sonfagun. Some of us work at this like gangbusters and still nothing.

  • Yeah, think I have been lucky but take it easy, realx and you'll probably get it too. Once you do it will be just great and my experience is that once you have cracked it then it gets easier to click.

    My girlfriend was amazed at my reaction second time round and really got off on watching. She buzzed me with her vibe which was amazing - a real deep down churning when she put it on the Aneros, but a real Wow when she buzzed the tab. Got my dick moving fast.

    If you're having trouble getting hard for your partner then try a cock ring once your riding the wave - I found even tho I came quick I stayed firmish and the cock ring helped me get harder as the aneros did it stuff again. Girlfriend loved it, said I was different in her.

    God bless Aneros - who did invent it?
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    Partner? Wazzat?

  • A partner is the person who makes a great experience truly memorable, someone who enjoys your enjoyment, open minded, inventive and fun. Female in my case at the moment but could be male..............your very own aneros buddy. Don't you love the feeling when someone else touches your dick? Well try it with your aneros in and you'll see what I mean. A whole new world.