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How do you do abdominal breathing?
  • Hi! all,

    I am new to all this and have a few questions.

    What is abdominal breathing and can anyone here teach me it?

    How do it mean by squeezing in the anus and push out on the retal?

    Thank you

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    In a strict sense all breathing is diaphragmatic and as such involves some level of abdominal support. What I've described as breathing into the lower abdomen involves focusing on lower abdominal expansion with the inhalation. Expanding ones lower abdomen generates certain sensations. It's sometimes known as valley breathing.

    With respect to contractions, I was trying to define two different contractions on the basis of how most people are familiar with them. Anal contractions are the ones that we know as those that close the anus (squeezing or pushing in), whereas rectal contractions are the type that we know as the bearing down or pushing out contraction as if one was having a bowel movement.

    B Mayfield