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Clarification about contractions sought
  • QDQD
    Posts: 3

    I'd like some clarification about the kinds of contractions needed.

    By contraction do we mean Kegal types (ie scrotal clenching, or the types of muscular tightening to stop the flow of urine, say) or anal contractions? The only reason I ask is that when abed with the Aneros last night I made note of the sort of "jump" contractions that spasm once from anus to perineum.

    I've had these before ever hearing of the aneros. It's sort of a twitch the body uses to reset. I'm certain we've all had them in the bicep or leg from time to time.

    What I've been aiming for is holding the Kegal tension so that the muscle starts to "stammer". Imagine holding a box in front of you and how your arms would start to shiver as the muscle would be over worked and start to fail and need rest.

    I've been able to get my anal muscles to do that, but my question is "Have I been barking up the wrong tree"?

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Certainly not the wrong tree. This is unquestionably one approach for initiating a good salvo of the involuntaries. As a matter of fact, much of the manufacturer's instructions are rooted in this method. Again, it is valid and from all indications it has worked for some people. My approach is a little more subtle. It involves exploring new ways of generating arousal. To be sure anal and rectal contractions play a major role, but more from the standpoint of creating pleasurable sensations as opposed to fatiguing muscles into involuntary contraction. Regardless, involuntary contractions alone are not necessarily sufficient to produce a Super O anyway, other factors are involved. Proper abutment tab placement for one (on the perineal accupressure point..or Sweet Spot as I call it). Secondly mental focus and proper breathing to give the sensations a deeper pelvic component. Finding synergy with all of these points of sensation is ultimately what's responsible for the Super O.

    But try the work-out approach first and see where it takes you. If you do find yourself stuck, back up a little and start to think more about generating sensations without penile contact. Breathing into your lower abdomen,....anal (squeezing in) and rectal (pushing out) contractions. Use low intensity to start with. Use mental focus....concentrate on generating sensation in an area located half way between your navel and your pubic bone, and deep inside your pelvis. Create vibration within your diaphragm using abdominal breathing...(almost like short panting) Try contracting anally and rectally at the same time (while doing some of the breathing above). Be open to the sensations that these exercises create. Have fun..explore...mix it up!

    B Mayfield
  • Edit
    Posts: 0

    I may have had the first hint or real success.

    A few days ago, after reading that post by the gay gentleman, I decided to try a variant of his sitting on the arm of an overstuffed armchair technique. Having no such furniture, I opted for the corner of the bed.

    No dice.

    But I tried other positions. The most effective was on my back and spreading my legs, bent knee with a pillow under each thigh. I really managed to get the first proper placement of the tap or at least a close proximity that way. Last night, I at least sort of knew what to look for, and even managed to feel it in the traditional laying on my side approach.

    Then I fell asleep.

    And woke. There was a feeling like a jackhammer in my perineum. Well, I couldn't reproduce it and doubt whether I was dreaming as I awoke with such a jolt, and I'd not visualized that sort of sensation anyway.

    So, progress of a kind.