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  • I ordered the ANEROS about 2 weeks ago & recieved it on Thursday, October 7th
    I was excited when I saw the box from UPS. I opened it up & tried it out, the first time nothing special happened, I kept in for 10-15 minutes. Friday I went to this web site & read the detailed instructions, all I can say is WOW. I tried using it by the instructions & it was awesome, I kept in for 30-35 minutes. Well that was the second time. On Saturday I was excited to get home from work to use it again & Wowww, I keep it in longer, I went almost an hour. It was fantastic. I have been using it every day since I recieved it on thursday & it gets better & better every time. I love the sensation from it, I have to mention that from waist down I keep myself shaved & when lying on your side with smooth shaved legs rubbing against each other with shaved testicles, the feeling is out of this world. I have not told the wife about it yet but she will soon be told. I have to say to every male out there, treat yourself to an ANEROS, there is nothing like it.