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Aneros in the Mail
  • I ordered my MGX a few days ago. By my calculations it should be here tomorrow. Not that I'm anxious to give it a try, but you might say I have "cleared my calendar"! :)

    Now, as a (future) new user, I have a couple of questions. I browsed through the other threads, but I didn't see any that provided the answers I was looking for.

    I am single, 31-years-old, healthy and hetero. I enjoy a good enema and lenghty sessions of anal penetration with a dildo and have for many years now. It is always extremely pleasurable and ends in a very satisfying orgasm. So I guess I'd say I'm definitely comfortable with having something in my butt. My questions are. . .

    (1) I have not masturbated in three days and I am getting awfully, um...tense. Since being able to relax appears to be critical, should I hold on to the energy for the first session with the Aneros, or should I masturbate before so I'll be more relaxed?

    (2) Has anyone had a problem with gritting their teeth during an Aneros experience? I've actually clenched so hard during a powerful orgasm that I've broken a tooth. My teeth can even ache after a long session. I bought a mouthguard and it really helps when I use it, even though I hate it. Should I just assume I'll need it with the Aneros? If it is going to take an hour or two, I'm fairly certain my jaw will be sore by the end and I don't want that to distract me.

    Thanks for all your help. I'm trying not to get too wrapped up in anticipation, but I sure wish that damned mailman would get here!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Abstaining can definitely set the mood. There is no question that being sufficiently aroused prior to the Aneros' introduction can be helpful. I very often recommend this approach as it seems to ratchet up sexual tension. The thing to remember however, is that you're looking for release from a different source. It's not an penile orgasm that you seek. (there should be NO PENILE CONTACT while you're actively seaching for the Super O) It's a much deeper pelvic experience that can radiate into a whole body phenomena. Bear in mind that the sensations that you're looking for are very subtle at first and must be encouraged to emerge with intensity.

    With regard to teeth clenching, I don't have the problem myself, however, if you're disposed to doing this with a tradition penile experience there's no question that you should at least have your bite guards at the ready.

    B Mayfield
  • Thanks for the help!

    Well, it showed up on Wednesday as I'd hoped. And BOY WAS I GLAD TO SEE IT!

    Anyway, as many report, my first experience with the Aneros wasn't earth shattering, but that's not to say it wasn't extremely fun and interesting.

    I started out as the instructions indicate, bottom leg straight, top leg toward chest. Piled on the K-Y and used a baby syringe to squirt a little extra inside and inserted the Aneros. I was completely "clean" so there was nothing to hamper movement, but again like many others, I didn't notice it doing any particular dancing around inside. However, I'm comfortable with objects that are quite a bit larger, so that may explain it.

    As a side note, I noticed several times that the pereneal abutment did manage to get some lube on it, so I carefully dried it and the pereneal area to re-establish friction. At one point, I actually felt it sort of "pulling in and back", which seemed to increase my pleasure a good deal.

    I followed the relaxation exercises and apparently they worked pretty well on me because I fell asleep for about a 1/2 hour. I felt very refreshed and eager to get started when I woke up.

    I did a few more contract/relax cycles while breathing deeply. Once I was ready I began to hold the contractions at various points of intensity. I didn't feel much at this point, but I just kept holding the contraction. Eventually, I could feel my sphincter getting tired, and it became more and more difficult to hold the contraction still.

    As my sphincter pulsed to hold still, I could feel the Aneros moving around inside and the pereneal abutment pressing against me. I began panting uncontrollably and I happened to notice that there was about two tablespoons of pre-cum on the bed under my penis (I had an erection throughout the session). Suddenly I had an urge to contract as hard as I could, I just coulnd't help it. My stomach was contracting as if I was sucking it in. My toes were curled up, legs and arms tensed. And yes, I was bearing down on a mouthguard (thankfully). There was a warm, tingling feeling around my anus. It felt great, but not as intense or sharp as a regular orgasm. After only a few moments of this I "fell of the edge" as it were, and the pleasure subsided quickly.

    I kept at it two or three more times with different leg positions (both up to chest, both straight, etc.) and esentially had the same results. It felt great, but it was short lived. I even CAREFULLY played with myself, and this did seem to change the sensations, but I couldn't get just the right combo.

    By this time, I hadn't masturbated in 4 days and I was VERY horny. My penis was BEGGING for me to finish the job and all totalled there was about 4 or 5 tablespoons of pre-cum on me and the bed. I decided to try one last time, rolling over on my back and bringing my knees up so my feet were flat on the bed.

    I restarted the breathing exercises and then, even though my sphincter had about had it, I held the contraction for as long as I could. The same basic events happened again, only this time, on the first big, hard contraction of my sphincter, there was a noticeable difference in the sensations. The cheeks of my ass, my entire anus, and rectum were warm and alive with pleasure. I experienced several cycles of this as my sphincter oscillated between completely relaxed, and fully tightened.

    I couldn't take it anymore, I grabbed my (by this time HUGE) erection and within a few strokes I was having an orgasm that was better than I've had in a long, long time. I'm usually a "dribbler" when I ejaculate, but this time I sprayed my stomach, chest and face with two to three more tablespoons of semen. However I did notice it was very clear, so it must have had a fairly heavy mix of pre-cum along with it. It was GREAT! I collapsed like a limp dish cloth and felt completely and utterly exhausted.

    I was absolutely useless for the rest of the day. For several hours afterward there was a warm, tingling sensation around my anus and a contented feeling all over my body. I managed to eat something because I was hungry, but I didn't eat alot. Each bite seemed unusually satisfying. I slept great that night and woke up refreshed and energetic the next day.

    I hope to get another attempt in maybe today or tomorrow, time permitting (you don't want to rush these things). I'm definitely looking forward to what's behind door number two!
  • Well, my second round with the Aneros wasn't quite as "memorable" as the first, but still very pleasurable. I think part of the problem was that I *DID* rush the process a little.

    As before, I rinsed out, lubed up, and slid it in. However, I didn't ever relax as much as I did the first time. And the contract/relax cycles weren't as enjoyable as they were before.

    I didn't get the stomach contractions this time. It wasn't until I clenched my sphincter as hard as I could and held it there that I felt anything. I did finally start to get the "warm" sensation inside me, but it was pretty short lived.

    The session wasn't as long and there wasn't nearly as much pre-cum the second time around. I had only had the Aneros in for about 20 minutes before I masturbated to ejaculation. The orgasm felt great, but wasn't nearly as satisfying as the first round.

    I think part of my problem is that I am TOO eager when I start. Next time I am going to masturbate first, then wait an hour or two and start the Aneros play. I think this will allow me to focus more on the pleasure of the process instead of just having the urge to climax.
  • Well, I haven't made much progress so far. After 2 more sessions I still haven't gotten back where I was the first time.

    I tried using the Aneros just hours after masturbating to orgasm in an attempt to minimize my "eagerness". Unfortunately my disinterest resulted in a lackluster experience. I definitely think my arousal level (as Mr. Mayfield mentioned) goes a long way toward improving the experience.

    During the 4th installment my results were still enjoyable but nothing to write home about. I think I'm on the verge of something great, but I just need a little more patience.

    One place I've always managed to get is that eventually the Aneros starts to feel large - my anus feels full and there is a warmth surrounding my prostate. It's a great sensation! I just wish I could get to the next level. Maybe I just give up to easily.

    The good news is my orgasms are great with the Aneros inside me. Woo-Hoo!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Don't give up! As with most things in life, the Super O requires some patience and discipline to achieve. Yes, I believe that abstinence is a key! If you're already spent going into an Aneros session I wouldn't hold out too much hope for success. From a practical standpoint you need to have some built up sexual tension to effect a release. In this case the release we are seeking comes from a different pathway. I recommend at least several days of abstinence prior to a session, (the more the better). Does this guarantee success? No. But it does put you on a better footing for achieving it. Why? Because in the presence of large scale arousal subtle sensations become much more perceptable.

    The response that you reported,.. the feeling of fullness etc., is a good one. It's also encouraging that you have been able to get to that stage consistently. If you haven't already, check out the BEE Line thread entitled Instructional. This may give you some things to play with.

    Lastly, yes an Aneros ejaculation is terrific. It's a great experience in it's own right and a nice way to reward yourself for devoting time to Super O exploration. Once you do find the Super O, you'll discover that they have an enhancing effect on an ejaculation as well (without a doubt, the strongest ejaculation you'll ever experience!).

    Keep at it!

    B Mayfield
  • Thanks for your continued participation and encouragement. It's greatly appreciated!

    Well, I think I'm slowly moving in the right direction. I still think I'm trying too hard, though. My "eagerness" keeps getting the best of me instead of permitting me to focus on unlocking all the pleasure the Aneros has to offer.

    For about the last 6 to 8 months I have been experiencing perhaps the horniest period of my life (I'm 31). I don't remember being this consistently randy even when I was 15! At this point, I could masturbate to orgasm 3 times a day with little issue. All I have to do is think about something erotic and I'm ready to go. Believe me, I'm not complaining, but I think it's making it difficult for me to let the Aneros work its magic!

    Anyway, I can get to the "warmth and fullness" stage now within 10 minutes of inserting the Aneros. I used more lube last time, and that did seem to help somewhat (coated the Aneros with K-Y and injected a couple of mL into my anus prior to insertion). I could feel a little more "wiggling" inside me.

    I can periodically obtain short bursts of involuntary, rhythmic contractions and they do full good. I don't know if the feelings are better with a mild contraction or if I really bear down - results have been mixed. My pulse fluctuates greatly. I usually get a mild cramping sensation in the back of my legs, particularly noticeable around the knees (but no spasms).

    At one point, I did feel a wierd "light-headed" sensation. I noticed the perspective of my vision went crazy, too. This lasted for several minutes, but I never achieved the Super-O (at least I don't think so).

    With the exception of the first session, I haven't again had uncontrollable muscle spasms in my arms and legs. Just when I think I'm on the verge of "the next level", if I move, I lose the sensation almost entirely. I can build it back up again rather quickly, but it's never just "out of control" pleasurable; my ejaculatory (penile) orgasm is still a more pleasurable release. But as I've mentioned before, my ejaculations are a lot messier with the Aneros than without!
  • Well, a little more progress perhaps.

    I managed to start getting some involuntary twitching in my legs. I was laying on my side, bottom leg straight down, top leg pointed up with my foot resting flat on the inner thigh of my lower leg. It took about 20 minutes holding a medium strength contraction. The Aneros started wiggling around (small, but fairly rapid movements) and then my legs began twitching uncontrollably. I felt more intense warmth and tingling than I have so far, but still not the Super O.

    If at first you don't succeed. . . try, try again! The great part is that it is so fun to practice!
  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
    Posts: 115

    Did you try a position that's been working for me? Try on your back, hands under your head, knees bent as far as possible and your feet flat on the bed as close to your bum as possible. If you need to, you can put a pillow underneath the small of your back to raise your bum a little to allow the Aneros to move unimpeded. Otherwise the curly handle might be touching the bed and preventing completely free movement. This position has been working wonderfully for me; I get very nice shoots of pleasure in my bum from this, although no super O yet (like yourself).

    TRY IT! :)
  • Fleshjoe: I find that this position, or some variation is the best for me as well. Lying on my side with the top leg pulled up and resting on a pillow also seems to work pretty well.

    I've been following your posts and your experiences sound very similar to mine. My problem seems to be that when the feelings really start to get good (I feel a tingling in my buttocks, the Aneros feels huge and theres a warmth, almost a stinging sensation, surrounding it, and there is a mild sensation of "butterflies in my stomach" only centered between my navel and penis, my leg muscles feel a bit "cramped") I have an uncontrollable urge to bear down with a rectal contraction, and as soon as I do, the pleasure instantly subsides. I can build it up again rather quickly, but if I could avoid the urge to bear down, I think the pleasure would continue to progress to the point of the Super-O.

    Do you get these same urges?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    The sensation of butterflies in the stomach is PRECISELY what you need to capitalize on. (Even the location that you described for it is right on as well). The idea is to encourage and magnify this sensation in this place with all the tools at your disposal. Your tools are anal contractions (low level, moderate and strong), rectal contractions, combo contractions (anal and rectal at the simultaneously or consecutively, i.e., ...start with anal then ease in the rectal), abdominal contractions, (which may also be executed in combination), rhythmic breathing and finally the all important mental focus. Granted, if a rectal contraction alone has an extinguishing effect, then don't go there, or try one in the combined mode to see how you do with it. An example of this would be raising the level of the anal to a moderate magnitude and holding then gradually bearing down with a rectal contraction (start with low level at first). Be open and observant, pay attention to what your body tells you.

    Find the one or two factors that encourage the butterflies in the stomach sensation and having found them use them gently like a mantra to nudge that sensation higher and higher. Be aware to that it is just as important to find the rhythm (the period...the timing) of a stimulation as it is to establish it's intensity, so keep this in mind. This timing will be unique to you (which is what makes a one size fits all approach useless), this is where exploration comes in. If you're on your game, the butterflies will become so intense that they take on life of their own forming a critical mass so to speak. At this point the temptation may be to hammer it home, (the penile mindset) but resist it if at all possible. As I've alluded to in the past, the pathway to the Super O is in many ways analogous to the physical concept of harmonic motion (the principle behind a playground swing and how it can be sent higher and higher by modest energy applied in a synchronized fashion.

    Stay with it...I think you're on to something!

    Good Luck,

    B Mayfield
  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
    Posts: 115
    Heh! New_owner you're ahead of me here... I havent experienced the butterflies feeling yet. Still a ways to go, LOL.

    Enjoy the ride, wherever it may lead. In this era of fast cars and airplanes we don't stop to look at the scenery very often. Do that sometimes, take your time.
  • I’ve been thinking over the past few days and wanted to share some of my ponderings.

    But first of all, I think I'm getting closer with each session. I've found that about 4 days seems to be the ideal period of abstinence for me. As B. Mayfield mentioned, the sessions are a lot more productive with greater sexual tension. I’ve made a game of resisting the “urge” to masturbate. When I finally do, the payoff is much greater anyway – so it’s not a bad thing! Ejaculatory orgasms after an Aneros session are incredible in and of themselves. I’m practically to the point of keeping a mop bucket handy! :)

    Secondly, the most pleasure I’ve realized so far was at the end of a 2 hour session when I put a folded blanket under the small of my back and stretched my legs straight out. The Aneros suddenly really started dancing around. I was no longer in control of the contractions. The stimulation around my prostate was magnificent. I got the “butterflies” sensation and various muscles began to twitch. I was grasping the edge of the mattress with everything I had – panting – sweating lightly. It was truly magnificent, but I still don’t think it was the Super O. Close, very close – but not sustainable as others have described. Tomorrow is 4 days and I’m anxious to give it another go. Could this time be the time???

    Okay, let’s get on with it…

    Judging by what I’ve read from others on this forum (and as FleshJoe mentions above), I seem to have an accelerated learning curve. I think I can attribute my good fortune to my prior anal exploration.

    I’ve read a number of posts here from heterosexuals describing that they feel uncomfortable with the Aneros and are concerned that they may really be gay or bi-sexual. Not surprisingly, many also report in parallel that their success with the Aneros is unsatisfying.

    Usually the replies from others fall along the lines of “if you were gay, there would be little ambiguity” and “use of the Aneros and other ‘anal’ stimulators will have no effect on your sexual orientation in any way”. I wholeheartedly agree.

    Here is also a point where I think our society has some growing up to do. From the time we are old enough to begin comprehending language, we are told that our urine and feces are “BAD” and that anything having to do with poopy and our butts is to be avoided at all costs. You see parents slap the hands of their small children if they catch them “diddling”, too! What is this teaching them? How many of us felt guilty when we started masturbating? How many of you still do? I know I did until I was about 16 and recognized that I was in very good company and that I was not doing anything perverted.

    Contrary to popular belief, being “anal retentive” is NOT a good thing. I think everyone knows that the sensations of taking a “healthy dump” can be quite rewarding and even, dare I say… pleasurable! And what about pee shivers? They are weird and perhaps embarrassing if witnessed by others, but obviously a result of your body saying “WOW! That feels good! Thanks!”. Our bodies reward us for doing the things we should to keep it healthy, just as it does when we yawn…

    …or eat a meal,

    …or quench a thirst,

    …or take a nap,

    …or masturbate!

    So where am I going with this? Well, about 8 years ago (with nearly equal parts curiosity and reluctance), I started experimenting with anal penetration. I admit, early trials were less that elegant and not very pleasurable, but nonetheless intriguing. (And yes, I used items I had on hand including olive oil, Vaseline and various food items (not cucumbers, so wipe that smile off your face :) .) Undeterred, I finally purchased an anal stimulator. Along with my first tube of K-Y, it changed everything! I finally began to get what I'd been striving for. The sensations I started to experience were well worth the effort.

    Over time, butt plugs and dildos were added to the mix. I now enjoy regular enemas and a leisurely “high-colonic” occasionally, too. For the colonic I use a nozzle attached to the shower head and let warm water slowly flow in and out for an hour or more. I use pillows wrapped in garbage bags to make the bath tub more warm, comfortable, and relaxing. It feels great and has a very spiritual nature. I’ve really learned to appreciate the pleasure centers available via the anus and rectum.

    It’s interesting to note that since I’ve purchased the Aneros I have not used any of my other anal toys. The satisfaction it has given me from the first use has made me “monogamous”. This is surprising to me since I really enjoy the thrusting sensations afforded by a dildo and the “fullness” delivered by objects considerably larger in size (my largest toy is about 2” in diameter). In this respect, the Aneros is a remarkable device.

    My point is, I don’t think my experiences with the Aneros would have been this good had I not already been so comfortable with anal play. So for those of you who are struggling or are considering throwing in the towel – DON’T! It’s okay to want to enjoy this.

    So what do you do? Well for starters, forget about the pre-conceived notions. Forget about the social taboos. Forget about what your dad would think if he found out. Forget about what it means if you’re fantasizing about being penetrated. Forget about getting crap on your hand (it will wash!). Forget about all of the macho bullshit you were fed as a teenager. Forget about the instructions and focus on one thing; your own pleasure! It sounds really corny, but get reacquainted with your anus. You probably haven’t given it much attention since potty training, so it’s high time you started! If the Aneros is the first thing that’s ever gone upstream under your control, you’ve got some hurdles to get over. You have to get your mind to shut up long enough to enjoy what your anus is offering. It’s very subtle so you have to be able to focus on those sensations.

    I would highly encourage those of you in such a situation to start experimenting without the Aneros. Lube a finger and start carefully exploring (rough or long fingernails highly discouraged). You can use a glove, but you’ll be better off mentally if you don’t.

    Buy an enema bag. Fill it with a small amount of warm water at first. (If you regularly drink your tap water, you’re probably fine to use it, but if not, I would use purified, filtered, or bottled water.) Let it flow inside of you. You may experience some minor cramping, but just relax, breath, and let it out. Refill the bag and do it again. It’s best if you’re lying down, but on the toilet can be enjoyable, too.

    Wonder what a butt plug feels like? Buy one and try it out. Lube it LIBERALLY. RELAX! RELAX! RELAX! If it hurts at all, STOP! Each time you try, you’ll be able to take a little more inside of you. Eventually (maybe the first time, if you’re lucky!) it will POP inside of you and you’ll get to enjoy that feeling of fullness and pressure.

    And the coup de grace? Penetration with a penis shaped dildo! A truly unique and exquisite orgasm can be experienced if you continue thrusting throughout climax. If you can enjoy this, your training is complete. You have overcome your fears and the “Super O” is yours for the taking. All you have to do is open your mind to the possibilities.

    So in closing, RELAX, EXPERIMENT, and ENJOY THE RIDE!