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Newbie Q's
  • SlimSlim
    Posts: 3
    I got an aneros delivered this morning so, of course, I had to try it out.

    To be honest, I didn't really get anything out of it; the abutment seems to "dig in" a bit (almost to the point of being painful) and I couldn't feel it pressing on the prostate - although never having tried prostate massage, I wouldn't know what it felt like.
    Also, it felt a little bit uncomfortable around the sphincter.

    Are these sort of feelings normal ?
    Will I get used to them or am I doing something wrong ?
    Would more lube help ?


  • SlimSlim
    Posts: 3
    Tried again today.
    I made sure I had plenty of lube on it, put it in and settled down with some porn.
    I waited 15 mins to allow myself to get used to it, then starting contractions.
    Unfortunately, apart from a bit of pre-cum, there was no effect and after about 45 mins I finished off by hand. I still dont seem to get any feeling of massage inside.

    I will persevere though.