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each time is a new wild ride!
  • artart
    Posts: 7
    this thing is crazy. each time is different and intense. once in a while i miss the big thing, and it is relaxing, but usually i go where i never thought i could. really wild.

    the wildest thing is that it is always so different. from the get-go i could hardly feel my penis just the butt and prostate buzz that drove me crazy as it traveled down my legs and around my body. now i am exploring penile sensations which has taken me to new more intense thresholds. mind-blowing. i thought that it was necessary to avoid penile sensations, but i go places i never imagined when i let my dick take over. i never ejaculate other than a lot of pre-cum. just lots of dry spasms that send electricity up and down my legs, then my chest, all over if i can take it.

    i seem to be wired so that it happens automatically, within minutes of insertion, even standing. even when i do jack off afterwards with it in it is incredibley intense but is not thick semen shooting off as usual, lots of pre-cum and a thin milky flow at the end. i can have sex pretty soon with my wife with a real full load afterwards as if i hadn't lost any semen at all? make sense? i have had sex with it in and found that the ejaculate is much the same as when i masturbate with it in, lots of pre-cum and the milky stuff, but no thick semen. it seems to keep me from losing it?

    i guess i am wierd but try and try again i seem to automatically go to the place of the "super-O" oragasm with this thing. all over--too intense for words really. crazy!! i almost can't stand it. it usually goes on up and down, one right after the other until i am too tired to feel any more. i relax and rest and in about 10 minutes it starts again, and again, and again until i am eventually worn out. then--afterwards i am filled with energy, not tired at all.

    one other thing is happening which is nuts. when i have sex with my wife i also leak some kind of clear stuff from my butt as when i have the thing in. like i cum all over just like with a "super-O." sometimes now i have super-0's during sex with my wife without the thing in?

    so--crazy, but real good!!!