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Advancing patiently
  • QDQD
    Posts: 3

    I think I may be getting closer.

    I obtained my MGX last week and have used it several times. Apart from discovering how sensitive the skin is at the perineum (that abutment tab can really pinch), I've not felt the flutters of the Orgasm Mk 2.

    That being said, last night I managed to provoke the first set of involuntary spinctoral spasms through repeated clenchings without going to total relaxation. I've also taken to leaving it in for longer and longer periods to train the body to its presence.

    These include bouts of several hours with stops to re-lube with KY.

    BTW, I've found that the bulk of the lube has a way of just ending up on one's external rectum as the aneros is inserted. My new method is to place the tube at the rectum while crouching to get some of the lube inside me so it is present when the aneros is inserted.

    I have some general questions:

    How much lube is "enough?" Just enough to cover the aneros bow to stern when inserted? A soup spoon's worth internally? A gallon?

    I am also finding it difficult to feel the prostate as I expected I might with the aneros inserted. Granted, it's doing something as there is definitely a stronger sensation when masturbating to penile orgasm. Any advice here?

    Lastly, I have tried various positions: on the side with one leg raised, both legs raised; on my back, on my back with a pillow under my bum or spine; kneeling, in various positios; flat on my stomach in various positions from straight to the frog kick position. What have others found are good positions to adopt for those of us needing training wheels?


  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    In so far as how much lube to use goes, my thinking on this topic has evolved a great deal from my early days. Originally I, like the manufacturer suggested using copious amounts of lube. Since that time (2 years ago), I have been using less and less, until today I just give the Aneros a good coating from the tip down to the ribs. To be sure, there is a definite value for the Newbie in using larger amounts of lubrication, to make certain that insertion is comfortable and unrestricted. In addition, the greater lubrication can assure unfettered movement of the Aneros (particularly for those who are new to anal play) in and out of the anus. If you look at some of the early posts in forum there were a great many about this topic (bordering on an obsession). But my suggestion is not to be overly concerned with it. If you want to prelubricate, get yourself one of those children's medicine droppers available at your druggist. The bulb end is removable and it holds about 1 teaspoon (5 ml/cc). Fill it with one of the thinner types of water based lubes (KY liquid, Silk, WET etc.) and insert it first. Thereafter follow up with the Aneros and a good coating of KY jelly and you'll be ready to rumble. These applications should be more than adequate for even an extended session. But in all cases let your comfort be your guide, you can always use more lube if necessary.

    Regarding feeling your prostate with the Aneros inserted...try standing up, I find that it normally brings more pressure to bear. (Not that I'm suggesting that you remain standing for a session). But dont' get too hung up on the amount of direct sensation that you're experiencing from your prostate, (that is unless, you can't feel anything at all). I have come to the conclusion that the prostate goes through different stages of sensitivity over the course of a typical session anyway. Tuning in to these sensations will be necessary to a certain extent as well.

    About positions; all of the ones that you covered are good. You have to find which one rings your bell! I myself like side lying (left), on my back, kneeling, on all fours....hey..they all are great!

    B Mayfield