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  • OK, so I got my Aneros. I'm going to use this thread to record my experiences, impressions and anything I learn :).

    First impressions, before first use: this thing is BIG, much bigger than I thought it'd be. The Aneros is made of white, rigid, some kind of hard material. Doesnt smell and seems very rigid. The handle does bend a bit when pressed but I don't want to use any force.

    OK, I'm gonna put it in now, more later.


  • OK so a few hours passed. The first post -- this one -- describes what happened after I inserted the Aneros as soon as I received it.

    First, I was at work when I got my Aneros, so I said what the heck, lets try it. It's fun and kinda low risk to use a hidden sextoy in this way, so I decided why not.

    I went to the bathroom, lubed it up with some hand lotion, and stuck it in (after doing a BM of course). It went in no problem, even though it seemed so big -- that really surprised me. So next, I walked back to the office -- slowly, cause the Aneros was doing all kinds of interesting stuff in there -- and on the way just kinda listened to my body. It felt very strange, something foreign in there and there was a real need to take a BM even though I just had done that. The Aneros head was doing some really nice massaging from side to side as I walked, which felt good. Pretty soon I decided I didn't want to stop at my office so I walked some more, outta the building and around the office park. I wear baggy pants so I was pretty sure nothing strange was visible from behind. Listening some more, I found that the abuttment exerts some really nice pressure on a very sensitive point between my balls and my anus. Pretty soon I also noticed a leak of some sticky liquid from my VERY limp dick -- a contradiction in my mind, since I always have lots of pre-cum when aroused but none when not.

    After a while, walking around started feeling very intense down there, some kind of pressure, not unpleasurable but very insistent, and a need to vacate. So I stopped for a while next to a nice tree and just stood there, and the feeling receded slowly. Tried to sit down -- ouch! That abuttment really hurts when you sit on it :( So that was out. OK, walk back to the office and to the restroom. Took it out, washed, and put it away. That was around 4pm.

    Some impressions: I did notice some pleasure from the rubbing of the Aneros head inside my behind, whatever it was rubbing gave off some sparks of pleasure, but nothing intense. Also, no burning or itching or anything like that, just a very intense full feeling, as I said not unpleasant but in my mind associated with doing a BM. No contractions or muscle spasms.

    That's it for experiment #1.

  • I apologize for the length of this post, I just wanted to put in as much detail as possible to help others and to give more experienced people lots of details to comment on. Since I forgot to mention this before, I am a 50 year old hetero male, and I have some experience with anal play, mostly with vibrators (hers, a bent G-spot stimulator that does nothing for me). So inserting things there was not an obstacle for me.

    OK, next experiment #2. I'd call this a partial success, no super O, and strangely no sexual arousal (for example, no erection), but very very pleasurable in a totally new way. I'm saying no super O based on the description of having a building and *release* -- I had the buildup but no release, so I'm not calling it a super O.

    After getting clean for bed last night I lubed the Aneros properly with Equate (Walgreen's house brand personal lubricant, very viscous and slippery stuff). Also lubed up the behind with a finger and some more Equate, and inserted the Aneros. It went right in, no discomfort, and kind of settled itself into place (like a plane approaching a passenger gate almost :).

    I laid on my back with my upper body raised on some pillows and relaxed for a couple minutes without paying attention to the Aneros. After a couple minutes I noticed some twitching of the Aneros in my behind, and some involuntary contractions. The shaft moved back and forth inside my anal cavity with very nice feelings being generated. So I decided to do the low level contractions recommended for bringing on the involuntaries.

    Holding the low level contraction for a short while caused some very strong and insistent involuntary spasms, with the Aneros moving back and forth, and the abuttment tab pressing into my perinium. I noticed that I could keep the contractions going by relaxing my muscles as much as I could, and adding small pushy contractions when the involuntary ones were subsiding. The most pleasurable involuntary contractions felt like the Aneros was moving in and out, and this made the Aneros feel huge. I tried concentrating on causing these kind of in-n-out contractions, which requires conscious effort to relax the muscles down there. Every so often I lost the involuntary contractions because the pleasure would build to such a degree that I was completely clenched up, stiff like a board. Eventually I was unable to restart the involuntary contractions and it seemed like I was done.

    During all of this my penis remained completely flaccid, and it was leaking sticky pre-cum very copiously. The pleasure I felt came together with an intense feeling of needing to do a BM and pee (I was empty, had taken care of business beforehand). That feeling was extremely distracting, but I was able to focus on the pleasure feelings and keep the contractions going for 20-30 minutes -- I looked at the clock when I started and when the contractions finally subsided.

    Then I turned to lay on my left side, with my knees slightly bent, my sleeping position -- I intended to take a short nap before taking the Aneros out and turning in for the night. BANG, the involuntary contractions started right away, and in 2-3 minutes they became really intense, with a very warm sensation building, and it felt like something huge was about to happen. But every time I got close to that huge feeling I'd tense up completely and cause the contractions to stop. They'd start right up again as soon as I relaxed, without any participation from me.

    Some other things I noticed: During the build up the contractions initially came in waves of one per second or so, then when they got really intense they were much faster, like strumming almost, maybe 3-4 contractions per second. And although as I said I was not sexually aroused (at least not in a sense I am familiar with, i.e. no erection for example, and almost no feeling in my penis) my heart was racing and I was breathing very hard. I noticed that I was naturally vibrating my diaphragm the recommeded way, it just happened because I was nearly sobbing from the intensity. I felt like I was rocking back and forth on the Aneros, and probably was moving my hips a bit to help with the rocking motion. I stayed in this rocking, breathing hard, heart racing, intense state for maybe 3-5 minutes, then had to stop because I became scared, it was so intense. I had some difficulty stopping the involuntary contractions, actually, and finally managed by laying on my back again and raising my knees to my chest, that stopped the contractions.

    So almost 24 hours passed since that experience, and as I'm sitting here I still get buzzes and contractions. My PC muscle feels sore but no permanent damage. A gentle self examination reveals no damage, no blood, and no hemorroids. On the other hand, I do feel like this experience upset my bowels and thats the source of the continuing, not unpleasant, buzzes and contractions.

    I'm going to give it a rest for tonight (if I succeed in staying away from this devilish toy :). More tomorrow night, if I feel rested enough. This time I didn't use an porn, next time I intend to use some porn beforehand or to get going early in the session. Also I didn't do proper preparation, no towels and stuff. I'll definitely fix that for next session, so I can proceed without worrying about any messes.

    Comments most welcome!

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    FleshJoe??? hummm...... Are you the FleshJoe that I sometimes see on MH?

  • Are you the same Fleshjoe from the Fleshlight forum?
  • If MH == Men's Health, then yes. And yes, I'm the same as the guy from the FleshLight forum.