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Ok, B.Mayfield and others, got a few questions
  • Hi B. Mayfield, Art and others. I purchased an Aneros the other day. I'm a 33 year old male (obviously). I've used it 2x with no avail. I'm like the worst case scenario for relaxation so to speak. If that's what it takes to use this thing, then that's what I have to concentrate on. I have the SGX. The problem is this and I have a few questions if you don't mind answering them, it would be greatly appreciated. First off, I feel that there definitely is more out there than the usual shitty ejaculatory orgasm. I have faith, so I'm not giving up. I'm wondering if the SGX is not big enough for me as I don't really feel much. I've also used anal stuff before like dildos with the wife and stuff, but just basically keeping one in there, not thrusting and no oversized dildos, just your average dildo. I'm wondering if this has impaired the sensitivity to my prostrate? I've never reall pressed hard against it, and it's not something that was or is a daily activity. Just kind of use to enjoy the feeling of putting dildos in my ass while stroking or with the wife, bj's and etc....
    I just don't feel much when using this thing. Anybody else have that problem? I've read that most men's prostrate is in the same spot. I'm 6'0 and I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I was wondering as well, do you find that the sensation increases if you haven't unloaded in a couple days or so? I've gotten into a real bad habit of masturbating daily for years. I've recently discovered that since my sex life is kind of lame with the wife, that I'd leave it alone for about 5 days and see what happens. Mind you this was before I got the Aneros. I discovered a new me kind of. I had a raging desire to be with my wife and actually felt that old good feeling. I feel like an idiot kind of for getting in the masturbation rut for years. Well it takes lots of discipline to not unload daily, but the benefits of waiting 4-5 days far outweigh a shittly load every night if you will. Anyhow, I'm wondering if abstaining or adopting a strict "hands off" policy will help this learning process out. As I said it takes a lot of feeling to get me going. The first time I used the aneros, I felt nothing. I did feel a few twitches that felt good and I imagined that if I felt more of them, I could eventually control them somewhat and sort of keep the flow going or ride the vibe. Is that what I'm after? Will these sensations increase with time? I had a few of them and sort of lost them. Then I noticed when I squeezed real hard I could feel them sort of, but I've read that that's not what I want to do, the hard squeezing correct? Any help is appreciated. I wish this wan't so much fucking effort. Why does everything have to elude us humans. Why is stuff so difficult and restricting. That's what bothers me about life and reading these posts. I WANT, I WANT. I just have a real problem relaxing. I tried to relax and almost fell asleep last night. Is it important as well to be properly rested to use this thing? I haven't been sleeping good lately. I am however dedicated to learning this and it's all consuming for me, even though I've only used it 2x since yesterday when it arrived for about 1.5 hours total. What I really want to know is that if I dedicate the time to this thing, will it work? Should I get the bigger size?
    Any help is appreciated. I'm going to post this in the forum as well.


  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    First off I must say that you have a great attitude, it sounds like you're really committed to opening yourself up to this experience (which is essential). With regard to the dils impairing your sensitivity, I doubt it. The fact is that most dildos and vibrators are straight and cylindrical and unless you're very creative, they afford very little prostate contact at all. One thing to keep in mind though, you're not really looking to press hard on your prostate in any case. Consider the fact that the most strenuous of anal contractions are nowhere near as intense as the pressure that one's hand can bring to bear. Most of my success came through subtle to moderate contractions anyway, it's a case of quality trumping all. Put another way, if strength were all this was about, everyone with half an arse to spare would be doing this by now. The Super O requires a certain amount physical and mental subtly and agility to generate.

    That having been said, although I've used the SGX with success myself, my feelings about this unit have evolved over the last year. Frankly, I don't feel that it affords near enough prostate engagement for the majority of users. Granted, there will be those who will find it effective and beyond that it is a great ice breaker for those anal newbies out there as well. But given your concerns, I think your exploration will be better served with the larger MGX.

    With regard to abstaining for a period of time and it's role in facilitating this experience, there is no doubt about it, it can be effective. First it allows for easier and a more intense arousal as well as increased sensitivity. But as you've surmised, it's crucial that you take that arousal and sensitivity and focus it on an area other than your penis! Moreover, you must avoid contact with your penis altogether, while your Aneros session is in progress. Hands off ...definitely! Make sure to read through BEE LIne thoroughly, there's a lot of information there that could help you. (I 'm currently working on a piece for BEE Line about this very topic which I will be posting in the next week or so).

    Regarding your progress and your prospects for future success, given what you've produced with the SGX thus far, I've no doubt that you will be successful with the MGX give some time, patience and your committed attitude. Stay with is worth it!

    Being rested is absolutely critical to your success. I've written on this extensively before, in my threads Keys to the Backdoor..and Revisited (see above and in BEE Line). The truth is, being tired may result in you ignoring the subtle sensations that should be focusing on. Furthermore it is possible that certain key sensations don't emerge at all when the body is fatigued. Part of being ready for this experience is about being rested. I've even suggested that people terminate their exploration when they become too fatigued during the course of session. Fatigue can lead directly to frustration and nothing positive is possible in it's prescence.

    About why things like this must be so hard for us, that's a question best put to a philosopher I suppose . But suffice it to say that the really good things in life require a modicum of discipline, commitment, patience (and the consistent application oneself to a task) to achieve. Sounds like you're on the way!


    B Mayfield

    P.S. Your wife sounds great, as always it's good to hear about a spouse who is encouraging of and participatory in sexual exploration of any kind (particularly of the anal variety).
  • Thanks for the kind words chief. I'm looking forward to what this thing has to offer. I go through phases where I don't sleep well and then I do. Right now, I'm not sleeping well so it's not the best time to be using this thing perhaps. I do feel though that the SGX is not hitting my prostrate really good. Do you think I need the MGX? I know what the prostrate is supposed to feel like, but I don't feel it hitting. Am I supposed to? It's useless even trying while I'm exhausted. So I'll try again when I've slept well a couple nights. As for my wife? Yeah, she's great. She's a true female nympho. Well they all are actually, but some just hide behind a mask, IMO. I guess I'm lucky. She'll do anything, anytime, anywhere. It diddn't phase her one bit when I mentioned this thing. She asked if she could use it, LOL. I said, you got a prostrate? She's got more than enough toys anyhow. Man, I'm so psyched about this thing. I just hope it doesn't take months to learn how to use it. I was so gung ho to feel something from it. Totally exhausted, I kept trying till my ass was kinda burning and I just said screw it. It's not gonna work till I'm well rested. I feel though that you have to abstain from poppin a nut for a few days to get the vibes goin. So I'm going to try it again after I have not released for at least 3 days.
    Man, I hope this thing works. I could care less about the money, I just want the feeling. Man oh man, I can't wait.