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You can call him Ray(Vega) ...or Raymond?
  • brnistrbrnistr
    Posts: 4
    I’ve been using the Aneros for a little over a year now with great success. Of course it wasn’t always that way. The first 6-7 months were fraught with frustration as I attempted to apply everything I previously knew about orgasms to my encounters with the Aneros. In short it wasn’t until I threw all of that stuff out the window and started approaching the Aneros as a unique experience that things really changed for me. Over the last year I’ve been an avid follower of this forum, although I’ve rarely had the time to post my own comments. During this time I’ve always been impressed with the attitude of openness, spirit of exploration and general air of respect and civility that I’ve seen here. Although I haven’t always agreed with a thread author or a respondent for that matter, most times I feel I’m still able to draw something of value from what I read.

    To this day I’m always amused when someone writes in after only a handful of sessions with the Aneros saying that they didn’t get any results and therefore that the Aneros doesn’t work. Don’t’ get me wrong, I’m not getting delight from their difficulty, after all, I was that guy! It’s just that we as men have always had it so easy when it comes to having orgasms, so I think that many guys get resentful when they feel sexually challenged in some way. Again this response is not unusual, it seems to be more or less a natural response to something that we do not understand or cannot connect with. What’s great about this forum is that there are some users who do care, and seek to elevate everybody’s experience to a higher level. Unfortunately however, it seems there are others that have other things in mind.

    If you’ve been checking out the forum recently you have seen a flood of comments from the user Ray Vega who by the looks of it is now going by the user name Raymond. On the surface he appears to be a dissatisfied user. But I don’t think he deserves that much credit. Frankly, judging from his comments I’m not sure that he is an Aneros owner/user at all. Why? For one, when numerous users have responded to his comments, trying to offer him useful suggestions and such, there is never any response whatsoever outside of more blanket denunciations of the device, which is always capped off with some vulgarity. He really doesn’t have a clue! Virtually everything the guy has to say is scathing. Eternally skeptical he has even had the audacity to label any and all that have positive comments to post as phonies! Furthermore when it was suggested to him that he could return the Aneros for a refund, he sidestepped that one with a half-baked statement declaring that he wouldn't want the manufacturer to repackage the device for resale ?!!! Really!

    Friends we have here one of two things; 1) some pathetic guy (not a user) in search of some place to inflict himself upon or 2) a user who is so angry with his level of failure that he seeks to make everybody else’s life a misery. I’m sure you all have seen this type before, you know the one at the restaurant who orders something that he hates, but refuses to send it back so that he may have the pleasure of reviling it and the restaurant for the entire evening.

    Don't get me wrong, there is a place in this forum for dissention as well. It's healthy, it's what keeps it honest. Negative comments, skepticism, and having one's doubts is one thing....Ray Vega is another.

    I for one will be bypassing his comments altogether and would suggest to others that they not waste their time in responding to this guy. He is not interested in a serious discussion as the others who have joined this forum,… he is the phoney!

  • Dear Fellow Forum users,

    Well, he’s back! As my original post makes clear (please read the post above), we’ve all been here before. Just like a bout of malaria Ray Vega has descended upon us once again. And does he have anything new to add? No. Has he changed his m.o.? Not in the least, unless you count the pathetic bit about not being well educated. Of course the type of ignorance that Ray demonstrates is not the type that is for want of any kind of a formal education. On the contrary, there are (sadly) many well educated people that are just as full of self-loathing and contempt for others as Ray is. Yes, he’s the kind of person that would probably be generating computer viruses (if he was smart enough) or tagging a city block with some epithet (if it wasn’t for the fact that he found out how to use a keyboard). He must be bored again…. or perhaps he’s been cheeking his meds this week.

    Whatever the case is, what is certain is that Ray Vega IS NOT AND HAS NEVER BEEN any kind of a serious Aneros user. His comments are not meant to critique or enlighten or to initiate any kind of meaningful discourse with anyone for that matter. Over the past several days I’ve watched as many have stood up and very eloquently reviled this guy and his trash and burn tactics. Today, even manufacturer weighed in (somewhat uncharacteristically I might add) with some of the most pointed commentary to date.

    To everyone who has responded or who has considered offering some riposte, bear this in mind, Ray Vega’s true interest lies in provoking other users into responding to him. Like so many other miscreants (Ray, it’s okay, you can go to to look that one up) he’s into it for the attention. My suggestion to all forum participants is to refuse to be baited and to treat this guy as the petulant child that he is by ignoring him.

    To any and all (new forum users) who think that he’s being unfairly vilified, I would encourage you to avail yourself of the find other posts by this user feature wherever Ray Vega has posted. Thereafter, if you should have a mind or a stomach to, you may peruse the various rants by Ray . His intentions and his nature will become very clear to you.

    One other point, Ray likes to change his name from time to time. I guess he just doesn't want to own it all! So be prepared for it, and fear not, his fetid style of communication is pretty easy to spot, no matter what moniker he uses.

    P.S. Ray, your Psych Eval is in….and guess what? You’re one sick puppy!