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Can a newbie feel it when the prostate is touched?
  • pubertpubert
    Posts: 1
    I'm very new at this, and I don't feel anything pleasurable when I used Aneros. My question is: did any of you who are having orgasms with this not feel anything when you first used it? Is it possible that my prostate is being stimulated but I just don't know it? If I don't feel anything unusual, does it mean that my prostate's not actually being touched by the thing and I may need the different model?
  • raymondraymond
    Posts: 4
    Haven't you notice that only 2 people out of all in this place had the Super-O. I think the item is not worth it.
  • Two things:

    - maybe there's other pleasures than the 'super-O'

    - there's a money-back guarantee.

    I've been using my Aneros for about a month, and have recently had glimpses of 'something' outside my previous sensory experience, which may be the beginnings of the 'super-O' others mentioned.

    In any case, it's helped me from a purely physical point of view: my pelvic floor feels stronger and more comfortable. I urinate more easily and find it easier to get rid of the last drops too.