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How do u find the prostate?
  • jtborgjtborg
    Posts: 8
    hank you B Mayfield for the reply.

    stupid questions, how do u squeeze the anus?

    it seem that when I squeeze my ass the pc muscle get squeeze too, is that normal.

    I have try the Aneros the fourth time yesterday and still did not feel anything in the prostate. maybe I have to research were my prostate is.

    Yesterday, I stick my finger up my anus to feel where the prostate is, but my finger only found a spot that feel like my tongue, is that the prostate

    or do I have to go further.

    Keep up the good work on this forum.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Chances are the sensation that you know as squeezing your ass is the contraction of your anus. It's easy enough to check out; simply insert a clean, well lubricated finger up your anus and squeeze ..!.

    With respect to finding your prostate with a finger that's a different matter. For those with short fingers it might be a little tricky, but otherwise, I suggest the squatting position. With a clean, well lubricated middle finger (your longest finger) reach around from the front and insert your finger as far in as it will go. At this point the remainder of your fingers and palm of your hand should be cupped around your butt. Now curl the finger slightly and bring it upward in the direction of the underside of your penis (towards your wrist). This should bring your finger into contact with the anterior wall of your rectum, where your prostate resides. It should feel firm and smooth (unlike the rest of your rectum that has a spongy feel to it). Press against it slightly and you may experience a sensation akin to an urgency to pee.

    With respect to the Aneros engaging your prostate, it is designed to do that by all itself if it has been properly inserted. (Although some users with the SGX model have reported problems getting adequate contact.) If you own an MGX it shouldn't be a problem. You may also consider trying some different positions with the Aneros inserted; kneeling, squatting, standing, on all fours, etc. Hopefully one of these positions will produce more intense stimulation and once you have become familiar with this sensation you will be able to recognize stimulation at subtler levels as well.

    Again be sure to read through BEE LINE and the forum as well. There is a great deal of information here that will be of help to you!


    B Mayfield