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  • I have owned the SGX for about 3 months. I have encountered the dry orgasms from this product. After the first month I started encountering orgasms where there were pretty good amounts of semen flow. For the last month while using the aneros the same as I always have I have gradually lost almost all of the good sensations. While I am still totally relaxed and using my same methods nothing really comes about during my session except me having the urge to urinate. I think that sometimes I am getting ready to have an orgasm and I end up urinating in the process. Do you have any suggestions as to what is causing this? It seemed when I was having the good effects from the aneros, it was never all the way in. When I insert now it seems to go all the way and the abutment tab rests very very firmly against me. I will have to say that the product was worth every penny but I don't want to lose the effects it has to offer.