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57 - purchased with no effects - first time up da buitt
  • Have had it in for last 20 minutes. Only thing I feel like doing is taking a chit or peeing. Otherwise, no feeling. Is this normal? And, if not what do I do and when do I do it?
  • rayvegarayvega
    Posts: 13
    Sorry to tell you but all you're going to feel is to take a shit and piss. At least that's what I felt everytime I tried it, and it has been my 3rd time.
  • supportsupport
    Posts: 232

    I realize that this will seem tedious, but please read through all of the forum. It will be time consuming, and much of the information will be irrelevant at the moment, but it is a wise course of action.

    To reply to your questions: the urge to urinate is normal, as the massager presses against the prostate gland when in use. This urge may be greater in men over 50, as BPH (enlarged prostate) is quite common and affects urination. Fortunately, GENTLE massage of the prostate with the Aneros has beneficial effects on this condition. As far as bowel movemnets go, this may be due to a poor choice of timing, in that you may be choosing a time to use the Aneros that is also a time when your body is naturally inclined to eliminate. However, it is also true that the Aneros can instigate peristaltic motion, which is basically the urge to move the bowels. To complicate the issue, too much glycerine, which is a component in many lubricants, can also cause this effect. One benefit of this is that this material is waste, and no positive purpose is served by storing it in your body any longer than necessary.

    Therefore, it is important to take a bit of time to get to know your body better, as well as some time for learning and experimenting. As you will see from reading the forum (keeping in mind that many threads do not strictly relate to the actual title of the thread), this is not an experience that you will be likely to force. It is much more related to the ability to relax, let go, and pay attention to all sensations - remembering not to classify any of these as inherently good or bad sensations.

    Let it be known, this is a learning procecss, but a process that is worthwhile.

    Good Luck!