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It did not work!!!
  • rayvegarayvega
    Posts: 13
    I received my prostate massager today. The reason I bought this device is because of all the propaganda that it has been given about the Big-O, the g-spot orgasms. Also, I may speak for some of you, I got the device because sexually I'm not for-filled to what i want to be. If I had all the sex I needed to be satisfied I wouldn't need a plastic device to be inserted up my ass.

    I'm heterosexual, I have one question to all that read this , for all of you that had experience the big-O what sexual orient are you? I believe, maybe I'm wrong, but that homosexuals have better results with this device than heterosexuals. Just plain and simple, you have to have a sensitive anal for this to work.

    I tried the device on and used it as the instructions said to do. All I felt was discomfort, specially when I had to take it out my ass. To me the dam thing was a waste of money. Now I'm not saying that it doesn't help prostate problems. I don't know if it does, maybe it helps. What I'm saying is that if you buy this product for sexual satisfaction you'll be disatisfied.
  • ScoobyScooby
    Posts: 30
    You have probably not given this little toy it's due time. As with all new things in life, you must practice to make perfect. While I will admit, I don't have the "chops" to create a super-o at will, I can make the Aneros give me pleasurable sensations! I AM HETEROSEXUAL just like you, but I use this and view sex with a completely OPEN mind. An open mind is very important to understand many things in the world, sex included. That is why I truthfully think many individuals fail when they start with this type of play. I also believe that if your expectations were too high, there would be NO sensation that would OR could satisfy you. Try this toy again when you are ready to relax and go on a little sensory quest. It will surprise you!

    PS B. Mayfield is one of the gurus here and seems to have overwhelming success. Read all his posts, they may be of help. And he too is heterosexual. Good luck!

  • I'm heterosexual.

    I've had an Aneros for a few weeks, and even though I haven't had this "Super O", I've had glimpses of a different kind of orgasm: and a different consciousness of what's going on 'down there', as the Aneros has helped me have better penile orgasms.

    It took me a little while to get used to the feeling of something in my anus, but once I'd learned to relax, it became pleasurable, and things started to happen...but I'm still learning.

    Give it time and read the other posts here.
  • rayvegarayvega
    Posts: 13
    Second time I tried it! It felt like I needed to shit and fart. Maybe I needed a better lubricant or something but the PS felt rough! Beleive me if I knew I had to concentrate so much to feel something I would have never bought it. Hell if I concentrate enough I can cum with almost anything. I put my penis between matresses and concentrate and I can cum also. Concentrate so much you can fuck even animals and you cum. What's the point! I bought this PS so I wouldn't have to do much brain work. Whats the point in working so hard to have an orgasm if a lady can give me one faster? The point is I need more sex and maybe that goes for some, if not, all of you. There goes my $50 bucks.
  • supportsupport
    Posts: 232
    Mr. Vega:

    In response to your above complaints, we would like to point out that we make a vast amount of information available on the necessary approach involved in using the Aneros. It is our sincere hope that this information helps all to understand the process involved - and that is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than what most men are accustomed to or have previously learned.

    Not only is it NOT a penis-focused experience, but it is certainly not to be compared directly to actual intercourse, though using the Aneros can have beneficial effects that include all aspects of sexual activity. It is a different approach to achieving a different kind of orgasm, and therefore will most likely require being open and willing to explore and to accept a wider variety of sensations than you have previously been exposed to.

    Having said that, we would like to encourage you to patiently continue using the massager and write in for more personalized email advice if you like. If we weren't confident in the value and effectiveness of the Aneros, we wouldn't offer a satisfaction guarantee.

    Best of Luck!

  • rayvegarayvega
    Posts: 13
    Hi, it is my 4rth time that i tried the PS. I put lots of lube in the PS and inside my anal. Then i follow as the instructions said. I was doing the brething and all but I felt nothing. So i started to do strong contractions and it felt ok but no waves or nothing. It lasted about 2 hours with that thing on but no results. Then i tried this morning again and now it hurts when i stick the PS inside my asshole. I don't know about this but it seems we have to put to much concentration for no results. If i relax like the threads in this forem said then i feel even like theres nothing inside my ass... so i start to fall asleep, lol. Oh well, there goes another PS failure.
  • frizzenfrizzen
    Posts: 7
    Read through the posts here, there's really a lot of information to pick up. It's really different from stimulation you're used to with a normal one.

    One other thing, are you *sure* you're using it the right way? A while back there was a story about someone inserting the wrong arm...

    I haven't gotten to the super-o point yet, but I know it's possible with the other precursors I've felt. I'm hetro also (like most of the people on here seem to be) so I really don't think orientation has ANYTHING to do with it after you've accepted that you're putting something up your butt.

    And if you're so bent on it not working and being a waste of your money, there's the return policy thing. cut off the handle, send it back to them, throw away the massager, and move on with your life.

    I've got no association with this product other than buying it; but, do you have any idea how bloody annoying it is to come here looking for a suggestion that might help get you even a little closer, and finding all kinds of negative stuff about it? If you put even half the energy you're using to bad-mouth it into trying to learn how to work with the toy, you'd probably be halfway there by now!

    I'm sorry this came across mean sounding, but if you're that miserable with the fact you bought it do something about it, stop whining that it's not an instantanious orgasm that you apparently thought it was.
  • Posts: 0
    Right now I'm in agreement with rayvega. I'm concerned that I've wasted my money. $93 to be exact. All I've found with this massager is discomfort, and the abutment tab is sharp and irritating. I had to smooth off plastic shavings on the thing in an attempt to ease the irritation. I wouldn't think that I'd have to make modifications right out of the box.