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Tips on using Aneros
  • I have had a life-changing experience. Yesterday afternoon, I decided I needed some quality masturbation, as I hadn’t any in a while, so I got my two Aneroses, douched, showered, lay on the bed and got to it. I went on for a total of eight hours, with a one-hour break in between. All I can say is that I’ve had the most incredible time of my life, and the amount of orgasms I had, I lost count. Time became meaningless. The whole experience became more a spiritual one. I felt each cell in my body was being purged of negative energies, and once this purging process was complete, my whole body was bathed in what seemed a gentle white light, while wave after wave after wave of total and pure pleasure enveloped me and blanketed me.

    There were times when the waves of pleasure (there is no word that will describe it - “orgasm” conjures up images of a short burst, but what I experienced was not short), would come quickly and top of each other; there were times when the pleasure wave would rise quickly and just stay there for minutes at a time, all the while different parts of my body being massaged internally and making each cell dance and sing.

    I was amazed that the more I did it, the more energy I had to carry on doing it. One intense experience led me to another even more intense experience. There were times when I was yelling my head off, jumping up and down on the bed, bucking my whole body up and down; other times I just lay quietly and experienced the soft and warm caressing from within; at one point I was on all fours growling like a bear! Sometimes, a whole new energy surge would come rushing in which threw me off the bed, legs and arms kicking the air; or sometimes I curled up into a little ball as the strong and heavy pulsating energy tensed my body up, all the while the “orgasms” coursing through my body.

    Here are my tips for using the Aneros:

    • douche beforehand. This makes the whole experience worry-free, and means you don’t have to keep changing sheets or towels.
    • Use waterbased lube - it seems much, much more effective for the Aneros.
    • I squirted a small syringe of lube in my rectum beforehand and at regular intervals to keep it all moving. That made a huge difference.
    • Regardless of any experiences you read on here, these will be YOUR experiences, and exclusive to you.
    • Approach the whole session with the Aneros as your body’s way of showing YOU what your body can do. Let your true sexual/sensual being express itself. Ignore the conscious mind. If you can only think of chores you have to do, what someone said to you earlier, how much money you’ve got in the bank, acknowledge those thoughts but do not let them detract you from what you’re there for. Let those thoughts come and go, but do not pay much heed to them. Ignore the chatter of your conscious mind.
    • Do NOT think in terms of orgasm. In fact, do not allow yourself, when experiencing what the Aneros will give you, to describe it. This limits the experience. It seems to work better if you avoid the mental chatter again, and that includes a blow-by-blow account or narrative you’re giving yourself of what is happening. Use no words to describe what is happening. Just feel the sensations. There are no words that will describe adequately what you are experiencing anyway.
    • It is vital that you enjoy and be thankful for every sensation you feel. This journey of erotic pleasure is a long one, so stop along the way and smell the roses!
    • Keep in mind that your body and brain know what is best for you and will only give you pleasure at a level you can take.
    • Work out what surroundings work best for you. I prefer a darkened room and peace and quiet so I can appreciate the subtleties the Aneros gives me. Everyone is different, but it’s important to make the place you’re in safe and somewhere you’re not likely to be interrupted.
    • Try different positions. Each position will give you a different result and “work out” another part of the body. If I’m on all fours with my ass in the air, the chest and abdominal region get all the pleasure waves; if I’m on my back, the legs and pubic region seem to get the majority of the pleasure; sitting half-way up, the whole body gets it.
    • A rolled-up towel or foam bolster under the small of the back makes it easier for the device to move around inside you, so it might be worth trying that sometimes.
    • Do not try and make your current session a rework of the last one. Treat each session as a new one, with your body showing you new ways of pleasure. Forget about any past experiences, as this could well be limiting your current experience. The worst thing you could be saying to yourself is, “Such and such should be happening now”, and then you lose the magic. Every time I use the device, it feels different.
    • Do not be frightened by the intensity of experience that sometimes overtakes you. Go with it and know it’s leading to better experiences.

    The Aneros is a truly amazing device. It will change your erotic experiences forever. Let it teach you how to appreciate the amazing, beautiful and stunning piece of equipment that is your body.
  • MaximusMaximus
    Posts: 64
    Those are good tips.

    I'm curious though. How much experimentation was required before you achieved the type of results you describe for the first time?

  • Hiya, Max,

    As to experimentation, perhaps I'm a slightly different case on two counts: first of all, I used to be able to achieve multiple orgasms via stimulation of my nipples, and discovered this after I read an article in a magazine (a woman's magazine, actually, that my mum had in the '80s). Secondly, I'm a gay man, so have no issues, or have overcome them, regarding anything anal, and I'm used to the sensations back there.

    However, I firmly believe as men we are hard wired to have multiple orgasms by whatever means. I think the mental attitude one approaches fun with the Aneros is the most important thing of all. I noticed myself that when I was on the verge of the Super O, I'd pull back and not go there as the sensations are so strong and quite frightening. I found the worst attitude to approach a session with the Aneros is one of expectation of the Super O, as it then becomes almost a task or even a chore, if you like.

    I found I had better success and more fun if I just took each sensation as it came along and enjoyed it for what it was. After all, just having your prostate stimulated in itself is incredibly enjoyable. Sure, a rolling orgasmic wave is what we'd all want, but often it seems the more we want it, the less it happens! I'd really just say to go into the next session with one of naive expectation. Let your body teach you and show you what it can do, and don't say to yourself, \"Oh, I'm having the Super O now\" or anything like that. Switch off the conscious mind as much as you can, as I found it was that that prevented the fun. I've found that each Super O is different in feeling anyway depending on many factors. I do believe our body will give us what we need if we just let it, and we are meant to enjoy sex, so just let your body do what it can and has to.

    I think the most important tip, as the excellent Brian Mayfield said in one of his posts, is to use enough lube. It makes it from an OK experience to a WOW experience.

    Back to the experimentation: I suppose, yes, I'd have done a lot of that, but I don't think past experience is that necessary to enjoy the Aneros to its full potential. Just getting used to having your prostate touched in the first place is quite unusual, but really quite addictive!

    Hope you have a good time with this thing!


  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Congratulations! You have a fantastic attitude and it's quite obviously serving you very well! Your stamina is truly impressive also. My longest session was somewhere around 4 hours, but typically an hour to 90 minutes suits me pretty fine these days. I don't want to comment too much on what you've said at this point as it seems that you're on such a terrific path all by yourself (which is the way it should be). Suffice it to say that many of your observations have confirmed my own.

    The one thing that I would want other users to understand however, is that the extended session that you told of was a multi-orgasmic event. This type of experience can be almost self perpetuating, and it is possible to go on for hours, almost without any perspective of's really amazing! In general however, my recommendation for the newbie who has yet to have experienced a Super O, is to limit their sessions to a much shorter duration. Why? Extended sessions (for many individuals), lead to frustration and impatience which may doom any chance of success. I ordinarily recommend no more than an hour or so for the initial sessions. Thereafter, one should stay with it only as long as they are able to operate (as you've indicated) with openness and without expectation. Bear in mind that once you become frustrated, continuing on for hours on end IS pointless. If there is a hint of frustration (and one is unable to effectively dispense with it) I encourage users to either discontinue for a time or to segue to a (Aneros assisted) penile orgasm, remembering that the concept of failure should never enter into this. Revisiting such exploration at a later time with renewed optimism and fresh spirit is quite often the best course of action.

    Again, congrats on your success and thanks for all of your posts.

    B Mayfield