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  • Hi,

    I live outside the US and bought the Volcano Pak in one of my trips to the US. I've used it several times with no success. I've read carefully the instructions in the web site, the success stories, testimonials, instructions, forum, etc; I think I'm using plenty of lube, and have done the breathing exercises and done the tightening of the muscle. There have been times when I first get going with this that I get some minor orgasmic sensations or at least some involuntary penis movements, but they don't seem to last very long and for the most part I don't feel anything. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong with this or if there are some other considerations. I've laid on my left and rigth side, legs close to my stomach, facin up with my legs close to my butts, facing up with my legs bent to my stomach, etc.

    I've noticed the last few times I've used it, that when I've taken it out, it seemed I had some lube inside that I let out as soon as I take the
    Aneros out and stan in a vertical position. I'm still wondering if I'm usign the Aneros correctly.

    I really want to make it work since I've had the opportunity to experience multiple orgasms / full body orgasms with the help of a tantric teacher and I love the experience.

    Also, since english is not my first language, I believe that some diagrams, pictures or similar will make it easier to understand and validate if I'm doing it right or not.

    Please advise !


  • rayvegarayvega
    Posts: 13
    I don't mind a girl sticking fingers up my ass, but that Prostate Stimulator just doesn't do it for me.