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I think I just did it...
  • LiamLiam
    Posts: 2
    So I got the Aneros about a week ago. I'd tried it 2 times before and didn't enjoy it.
    It felt irritating and distracting. In fact it made my bum feel like it was burning. I told myself tho to keep going. So I tried again tonight. Only this time, rather than using lube I used saliva. As far as I can tell my anal area seems to be allergic to lubes.

    So I popped it and started reading the guides over and over. I did the relaxation and slowly it began to feel comfy. Then I read about the contractions. I was supposed to do 20-30 but it started to feel nice and so I lost count. Hehe.

    Then I got to stage 3, with the partial contraction. Damn that's difficult. But WOW! It just creeps up slowly at first but then it's like breaking into a sprint. This made me hard. I was getting quivers and slowly my whole body began to shake. My heart was racing and I was panting. But I lost it. Damn. I figured I should try moving it manually. But no, that didn't work at all, and if anything made it worse. So I tried doing the partial contraction agaon, but I couldn't hold it, it seemed my ass was tired out.

    So I decided to relax again. Good idea I guess. It allowed me to work my way up to the sprint again, only this time when the quivers etc came I started voluntary sphincter contractions and worked it all along. It was amazing, just kept getting better and better. I got the waves!!!

    BUT! I didn't realise that I was supposed to hold back. To my amazement, I ejaculated. Totally hands free!! And quite a lot of semen too. I'll definately be doing this again when I recover :) Only this time I know where to hold back to keep it going. Truely amazing!!
  • LiamLiam
    Posts: 2
    So I was a bit out of it when I posted that. Sorry.
    Should I write a better description? :)
  • Your reply made total sense to me. So far my experiance with the Aneros is very similar to yours. Its taken me a long time to just get to the waves. No big O yet, but I'm working towards it.