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Fingers question
  • RichieboyRichieboy
    Posts: 22
    Hi. I'm waiting for my Aneros to be delivered, so I'm not really an Aneros user yet.

    However, I had a great experience yesterday which I'd like to share, and a question or two. I stumbled upon this site as I've recently got myself a regular masturbation device, which is a very good artificial vagina. In the course of reading posts on their board, specifically about anal stimulation, the aneros was mentioned. I became fascinated by reading some of the posts here as it seemed there was a source of pleasure (prostate massage) which I'd heard of, but previously hadn't felt comfortable about exploring.
    Since I've been using the aforementioned device, though, I've become more sensitive to my own orgasms and this has shifted my perspective somewhat.

    An aside: I was also impressed by the intelligent and informative postings here - kudos to all those who've written so well, it makes for interesting reading and has been an eye-opener for me. The friendly and respectful tone of this forum is a real credit to all here.

    Anyway, I tried stimulating my own prostate a couple of days ago: shower, lots of lube (generic KY-type), clean fingers, short nails (filed smooth) and a towel on the mattress. It wasn't a problem getting in, and although it felt pleasant, I didn't feel I could get in far enough. At this time I was lying on my back with my legs pulled up. I'm vegetarian and already eat lots of fibre, and my rectum felt quite empty.

    I tried again yesterday, as part of masturbation with my toy (I guess I'm still penis-focussed!). This time, tried a similar position, but leaned against the headboard at the top of the bed. This time, I touched...something. I was overcome with an irresistible urge to touch my flaccid penis, which felt amazing: even the lightest touch was electrifying, and I got a huge erection which I'm sure was bigger than usual: it felt that way! My penis was darker than usual, and straighter (I curve a bit to the left). I didn't want to climax right then, so I stopped touching my penis and removed my finger.

    At this point, my heart was beating hard and my body tingling. After a few minutes rest - this was new and I needed time to let it sink in - I proceeded to get myself hard as a preliminary to using my (very good) toy. My penis was still very sensitive, and I felt like I needed to urinate, even though I'd done that not long before. Oddly enough, it became difficult to achieve an erection, but eventually I got hard and started using my toy. I then got a finger inside my anus again and found 'that spot', which felt good, really good, as if a pressure was building inside me in a very pleasurable way. I continued using my toy in the usual way, and I could feel myself approaching orgasm, and then...

    What the [insert your preferred exclamation] happened! I'll tell you I can remember: my whole pelvic floor contracted in a way I hadn't experienced before, almost pushing my finger away from that wonderful place. It came totally by surprise and, really, I can't describe it all. The sensations were so unexpected that I sort of forgot to relax and enjoy it. I've heard stories about women who have had their first orgasm, adn can't quite remember what went on: that's how I feel now. I remember feeling about 90% penis and 10% 'rest of me', the pulses were so strong that I think I cried out but I really don't know. I think I fell into a kind of sleep shortly afterwards.

    My body was still quivering and shivering several hours later. In fact, I can still feel the after-effects now, almost 24 hours afterwards.

    Suffice to say that I ordered and Aneros yesterday! I'm really looking forward to what I've been missing...I had no idea.

    I have a question: I can reach the 'sweet spot' (my prostate, I guess) about 2 1/2 inches (6-7cm) into my anus. Does this mean that my prostate is perhaps enlarged? I've heard that the prostate is usually further inside. I've never produced much sperm when ejaculating either. Does this mean that I have to be careful when using the Aneros?

    Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated.

    ps: my only regret is saying no when an ex-girlfriend suggested experimenting with prostate massage. Man, have I learned something...