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Masturbation book - I need your help!
  • Hi guys!

    I am currently planning on putting together a book of masturbation techniques and I need your help!

    I would be extremely grateful if some of you would take my 5 minute survey, and let me know whether its worth doing or not.

    There is nothing for sale here, I just want to pick your brain and find out your favorite techniques amongst other things, and ALL the questions are completely OPTIONAL.

    If you want a free copy of the book when it is done, then you are welcome to one in return for your time.

    Here is the address:

    You can also email me at: postmaster @ - if you want to contact me about anything to do with this project!


    P.S. I hope this posting is alright with the moderators? I'm not selling anything and it IS on topic! (Thanks!)