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Anticipation is a mixed bag
  • dickydaredickydare
    Posts: 2
    I have not yet received my ANEROS, but I anticipate that it will be fantastic. Why? Because I have already experienced the sensations that other have described without it. Hopefully, the actual experience with the ANEROS will be stronger than it was without it.

    I have a medical condition that occasionally causes my hips to "twitch" involuntarily. I have noticed that when I twitch some endorphins are released and I have a strong euphoric feeling. Occasionally, the twitching has been prolonged. I have told my doctor that when it happens it is like having a continuous arousal.

    One Saturday I was lying down in my bedroom watching television and the twitches started. This time the euphoric sensations in my genital area were so strong I could not get up or even move. It got stronger and stronger and the euphonia spread throughout my body. I had the sensation that I was approaching orgasm. I did actually experience a condition like orgasm except all over my body and not just in my penis. Also I did not ejaculate. The sensations continued for almost two hours. I had the sensation of an orgasm every few minutes. It was fantastic.

    I have not had a repeatition of this experience although I have approached it by using meditation type relaxation techniques. Naturally the experience was so unique and pleasurable, I wanted to repeat it.

    I discovered the ANEROS quite by accident on another website and ordered it the same day as I recognized the physical sensations described immediately. I looked up the meaning of the word "ANEROS" and discovered that it is broken up into two parts: "a" meaning "without" and "neros" meaning "wet". Since then, I did a search of the web using GOOGLE and found this ANEROS website. I now understand why the name. It implies a "dry" orgasm, although many of the reports on this site say it can be otherwise.

    WOW What a site! I am sorry that I ordered the ANEROS from the other Website as I would have liked to take advantage of the Volcano package. However, I probably would not have found ANEROS if it had not been for the other website.

    It is with anticipation that I track the package every day hoping that the planned delivery date will somehow be upgraded to an earlier date. I should have used the overnight delivery.