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first try.....
  • normaltypenormaltype
    Posts: 25
    Its harder than I thought. It wasn't a complete failure though. I used KY and i layed on my side like the instruction say with my top leg at a 90 degree. Session was approx 2 hours. I did feel some sensations like tingling, throbbing in the anus, as well as my heart rate jumping. I also faintly felt the urge to pee, or an ejaculation building up. It felt really good and would start to give me an erection, then I would lose it all.

    I didn't get any further than that. I found concentration and relaxation to be a problem. I kept wondering if I was doing things right. When i felt the sensations I mentioned above, i found it difficult to maintain those sensations.

    I also lacked consistancy in what I was doing. My breathing was erratic, and not in sync with contractions. Contractions varied. I found when I bared contracted my spincter in rythm with my breathing I got to the above sensations.

    It is also very cold today, I was pretty cold under the covers for a while....didn't help matters.

    Any tips? Was I on the right track.

    I think practice makes perfect here.