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newbie hello - one question
  • normaltypenormaltype
    Posts: 25
    Just wanted to say Hi. I've been eyeing up the aneros for about a year. I didn't buy it right away because I was skeptical. I've tried many other methods of prostate stimulation and came close once, but could never get that far again and I never came close to achiving what the aneros (and you users) claim.

    So I ordered the aneros last week and can't wait to get it. I've been reading through the forum picking up tips, I have to say there is a lot of good information here. It gives me a better chance a being successful the first time, if not, I'll better be able to assess what I might have done wrong or try things differently the next time around.

    I have to admit I expect I will fail at least the first time as I am very anxious to try this toy and be amazed. We'll see.

    One question, has anyone tried the aneros with forplay (but no penile contact)? I'm wondering if I could achive the super O this way. I often give my wife a sensual massage followed by a lot of kissing and touching etc. It is a huge turn on for me to pleasure her. I'm wondering if the aneros will intensify my pleasure?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Most of my initial sessions with the Aneros did involve my wife. Although they were terrific, they were all traditionally orgasmic (penile centered ending in ejaculation). It took me going solo for me discover the Super O. Furthermore, I had to develop a true consistency with this new kind of orgasm, before I was able to bring it into our lovemaking. Once I was able to go to the Super O at will, it became possible, and yes at this point gratifiying my wife was(is) a tremendous turn on for me. I'm certainly not discouraging you from trying this, because who knows, it may work for you. However, I've discovered (in many months of participation in this forum), that many if not most people don't really know what they're looking for or what to expect when it comes to a non-ejaculatory orgasm (Super O). Again, some new learning or self discovery is necessary first.

    B Mayfield

    P.S. Read through this forum, it's a great resource. In particular, go to BEE Line and check out my comments there. BEE Line contains a distillation of my archived material ( comments that I posted to my own threads and to others threads as well).