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Aneros use and foreskin positioning?
  • frizzenfrizzen
    Posts: 7
    Hey everyone, I got my aneros about a week ago. This forum has answered almost all my questions, even some I didn't know to ask yet. :) I've only gotten to use it a couple times, because my very supportive g/f wants me to only use it with her until I've had a "super o". Not sure how well that'll work, but I'll try.

    I was circumcised at birth, always felt something was missing, noticable loss of sensation before 20, started having difficulty being able to climax with my g/f, started restoring foreskin. I've been restoring for 8 months, god it's so much better!!! I knew I'd never be able to feel as much as if I hadn't been mutilated, I eventually stumbled onto this site, and if this thing is even half as good as it sounds... Wow.

    I don't have all that much coverage yet, and I'm still fairly new to having a foreskin again. I know it probably wouldn't make much difference since you keep stressing "No penile stimulation"; but, I was just wondering how you intact guys have your foreskins while using it? Do you keep yourself covered, exposed, partially covered? Does it make any difference?
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    I am happily not circumsized. While using the Aneros I find it doesn't really matter in what position my foreskin lives. At 54 I'm certainly still capable of an erection but so far do not seem to have one during my use with the Aneros. Interesting side note: while reaching a high state of arousal with the Aneros I involuntarily have reached out for my penis only to realize upon contact that this sensation took away from that being caused by the Aneros. Clearly the Aneros induced orgasm is entirely different than that brought on by penis stimulation.

    While I do not write to promote argument your message is yet another reminder that in our age of baths and showers circumcision is unnecessary in most cases. A decision our loving parents make without our input: perhaps it would be wiser to wait on this question of major import and allow the owner to make his own choice.
  • frizzenfrizzen
    Posts: 7
    Thanks, I didn't figure it would make that much difference, but thought I should ask just in case. From years of being exposed, when I started restoring, having my glans covered in a foreskin was very stimulating. Now that I've been actively keeping the glans covered, being exposed is stimulating it also.

    I wanted to know if it made much difference where, or if it's like do whatever you want with it as long as it's not distracting you from the stimulation of the aneros... I just wondered how the intact guys were doing it.

    I completely agree that circumcision is unnecessary in almost all cases. I know for a fact that there's a lot of sensation lost, in addition to all kinds of specialized nerves, tissue, and structures. Plus, there's a huge double standard; if you're female then your genetals are protected under all kinds of human rights stuff (in 1996 the U.S. Congress, passed a law against female circumcision or any other form of genital modification of girls below the age of consent.), but if you're male they're fair game to mutilate without your concent or imput. Anyway, I don't want to start arguments about this topic, but it should be the owners choice, not anyone else's.
    Back to the Aneros, I'm slowly starting to make progress. What everyone has said about intensifying the orgasm is right, and it does help even with sex. I managed to get some involentary twitching a couple times, but can't do it consistantly.