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Almost there..... Almost... Wow!
  • st0rmravenst0rmraven
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    Ok, just a warning, this post will be somewhat long. After an all nighter session with the Aneros, I feel highly motivated to write about it. I'll try relay some of my own personal tips that helped the most. Originaly I intended on just writing my own private notes and keeping them to myself, for future reference. I've decided to ghead and post here for the benefit of all.

    First a little about myself, some relevent information in regards to using the Aneros. I'm 32 years old. I have slight to moderate ED (Erectile Dysfunction). I've had a vascetomy. I'm about 30 lbs overweight, so I have a large ass, (I'll explain later). Also, seems that my sweet spot is non-existant. I believe my sweet spot may have been damaged in youth from extensive bicycle riding, with an imporperly adjusted seat. Either that or my sweet spot is buried underneath a muscle and cannot be stimulated.

    This wasnt my first session with the Aneros. I think it was my Fifth. I've had the Aneros for several months, and I'd give it a go-a-round every two or three weeks. Zero sucess untill last night. Matter of factly, if last night had not gone so well, I was going to come on here and call \"bullsh1t\". I didnt want to be a nay-sayer until I had given the Aneros one last fair shot. Untill last night, my prior experiances with the Aneros were only slightly plesant, nothing to hollar about.

    I started by addressing my own personal hangups, and coming up with solutions. I'll mention those now in no particular order. My first problem was mental. The anus is a dirty place, and it disgusts me. No amount of enema clensing will prevent fecal matter leaking out with the lubrication. Next, I'm very sensitive back there. Any kind of internal stimulation gives me a strong urge to go poo. Especially having any amount of lubrication inside of me, It gives me that diarhea feeling. Last major problem, due to the size of my ass, the Aneros couldnt move freely, It was catching friction between my ass cheeks, causing it to lock in place.

    I did some things differently this time around, to address my problems.


    Cleanliness. I had plenty of clean bath towels and hand towels. I strategicly placed them around my bed, and my desk for easy acess. I knew from past experience that taking breaks was important. So I also had some very loose fitting shorts handy, incase I felt like walking around. Also, If I got too tired and decided to take a nap with the aneros inside of me, I could put on the shorts. In case it slipped out, I wouldnt loose track of it. ( It wasnt necessary to that end ).


    This step always causes me problems, so I totally skipped it. I'm glad I did. I made sure my bowels were empty. I took a nice long shower, and washed \"back there\" in a normal fashion. Enema's, even a small spritz, makes me feel queezy like I have diarhea for hours. No enema, no stress.


    I had bought one of those medicine dropper, syringe type thingys. This one just didnt work out before, the tip of it was short, cone shaped, and had hard edges, and so it doesnt accomodate for insertion without an aweful scraping feeling. I modified mine a bit. The enema I used before was one of those water bottle types, with long rubber tubing. I cut off about 4 inches of that tubing with the enema attachment on one end. I affixed the other end of the tubing to the medicine dropper. It was a perfect seal. This worked out better than I imagined, because now I could insert the modded syringe directly into the lubricant, pull the stopper back and get exactly as much as I needed. I use Astroglide, its very slippery stuff for the inside, but dries up quickly on the outside. Also, its so slippery, that it just run right off the Aneros. I decided to coat the Aneros with a light coating of vasoline. I also applied a dollop of vasoline to my anus and between my cheeks. This would ensure that the aneros would not get clampped in place by my ass cheeks. This made a huge difference!


    At this point, I'm lubed up on the inside, with Astroglide, and Vasoline on the Aneros, and where it counts on my outsides. My method for insertion is easy and works for me. I get down on one knee, and lean over my bed. I clinch up my anus real tight for as long as I can hold it. As soon as I relax, I push the Aneros in about 3/4's of the way in. I find that clinching up before hand, sorta tires me out, so I dont offer up much resistance during insertion. This method gives me about a 10 second gateway where my anus is just too tired to resist insertion. Once its in about 3/4's of the way, one strong flex of my PC muscle guides the Aneros home. It practically slams into place all on its own, its a real eye opener. This feels awesome.


    The 20 minutes of relaxation is cricial to me because I'm so sensitive. Within moments, the Aneros in combination with the lubrication, gives me the urge to go poo. This feeling shortly passes, but comes back momentarily, when I begin flexing my pc muscle. I have a large cushy chair at my computer desk, that allows me to sit sideways. I placed one of my towles on the chair, you know just in case. I browsed through my pr0n collection while I got used to the Aneros. Testing out my level of comfortablility with pc contractions every few minutes. Eventually it felt comfortable enough I could even walk around with it in. I was so lubricated, I thought it would just shoot right out, but it didnt. Seems like it will only go out about half an inch, even if I push. Finding this out relieved any fears of it just popping out accidently. I also noticed that it was such a tight fit none of the lubrication inside of me would leak out. I was corked.


    I started by using strong 5 second long PC muscle flexes. This caused the Aneros to go deeper inside me, pushing hard agains my prostate. Followed by 10 second long rectal flexing, which causes the Aneros to push out a little, releasing pressure off my prostate. This is where I noticed the first big difference. Because I had used two types of lube, the Aneros could move freely, in and out. You know those little ridges at the base of the Aneros? As it went in and out ever so slightly, I could feel each bump. Those bumps realy feel much bigger than they look. I spent quite a bit of time making the Aneros go in and out. Alternating the different contractions. I was concentrating on feeling the little bumps stroking my anus. I spent a long time doing this, not even trying to stimulate my prostate. My prostate must have been getting a work out, because I started leaking small amounts of clear seminal fluid. Although the bumps felt awesome, It didnt feel very sexual. It just felt good. I also found that the Aneros would slide in and out without any flexing, if I moved my hips in a thrusting motion. I varied my technique so many ways, I couldnt possibly explain everything I did. After a couple of hours, ( I was taking breaks), I became very intune with the muscles involved that makes the Aneros move about. The position I chose, was lying on my side in a near fetal position. Moving my knees closer to or further away from my chest, in combination with arching my lower back, seems to change the, \"angle of attack\". Also straigntening one leg, and bringing one knee up felt a little different, but good. I made knee/back adjustments all the time, which caused different desirable sensations. Making these adjustments causes the Aneros to massage different parts of my prostate ( I'm guessing here).

    New Sensations:

    I made an important discovery. Up till now, I thought there were only two types of contractions. Anal/PC, which makes the Aneros go in. Rectal/pushing, which makes the Aneros slide out. After a lot of practice I found that I could make the Aneros move about without using PC contractions. Just anal and rectal. I think what happened is my PC muscle just got tired. Although I can contract analy without using my pc muscle, I cant contract my pc muscle without the anal contraction. Does that make sense? Its like flexing my pc muscle causes an anal contraction as if they were linked togeather. However if I want to clinch my anus, I don't necessarily have to contract my pc muscle. I'll have to expiriment with this some more. Also note, I found that breathing techniques assisted in timing my alternating contractions. Breath from the stomach, not the chest.

    For some reason I assumed that after certain amount of anal stimulation, the anus itself would get numb. I thought that this numbness was what actually caused the uncomfortable \"I have to go poo\" feeling to subside. Although that bad feeling totally went away, I did not get numb at all. Quite the opposite happened. After a good hour of use, I noticed that my anal tissue, and the rectal wall,( not just the opening, but my insides as well) began to swell and firm up. It got softer and more sensitive, but over all, made me feel very tight. Its hard to explain, I imagine its not too unlike the way a vagina feels, If I were to stick my finger up in there. I wasnt about to stop and find out. My anus and rectum was now sensitive enough, I could feel the very sligtest movement of the aneros. It wasnt until this swelling, that I began to feel new sensations. At this stage, it only takes very slight movement of the aneros to stimulate me. Small contractions now felt as intense as hard contractions when I first started. I could get alot of sensation with very little effort. However too much effort over stimulated me, and was counter productive. The feeling is not too unlike what my penis feels like when I'm having regular sex. This feeling confused me. Its like in my mind is trying to tell me,\"my penis that supposed to feel like this\", but somehow its displaced, and relocated to an all new location. During this \"displaced\" sensation I would get slight erections that would come and go. I have the distinct feeling that something\"back there\" is getting rewired. If that makes any sense at all.

    I never once had an invoulentary contraction, but I did find that when my pc muscle gets fatigued it will flutter a bit, if I only squeeze and hold it lightly, (about a 1/4 squeeze rather than full force). If I thrust my hips forward slightly, arch my lower back slightly, sqeeze my knees togeather, and flex my abs all at once, while\"fluttering\", I can definatly feel the sensation of an imense orgasm building up. I screwed this awesome sensation up, because at the time I had to go pee. I stopped, went to the bathroom, and found that I couldnt urinate for several minutes. Its similar to having an erection, but I didnt have one. My bladder felt full, but I couldnt go. I went back to bed to recreate the\"near orgasm\" feeling, only to find that the urge to go pee came right back. I tried to ignore it. Only to find that the \"go pee\" feeling evolved into a pleasureable pressure, that hightened the near orgasm sensation. I can also verify, that a strong pc contraction will totally screw up this \"near orgasm\" feeling, mostly because its too intense and it over fatigues whatever is going on.

    I achieved this new \"near orgasm\" feeling several times over the course of several hours. At these times I felt euphoric. Thats the best I can describe it. Where a regular penile orgasm feels very intense, pulsing and pumping and very localized... the near orgasms I got through the Aneros didnt pulse at all, it was more of a constant tingle. Sorta like going down in a fast elevator, but more or less intense. There were times I thought for sure I was going to have a penile orgasm, but I just couldnt get past a certain plateu of pleasure. It was very enjoyable none the less. The most annoying thing is, its very easy to loose this state of near orgasm. One wrong move, and I have to spend a little more time re-discovering it all over agian.

    Its like walking on ice. Too much effort and you will fall on your ass. Slow and steady will get you there.

    Wrapping it up:

    I had spent a very long time with the Aneros. Practially an all nighter. I was tired, and it was time to quit. I couldnt just quit without the final release of a penile orgasm. I decided to masterbate with the Aneros inside. It took more effort than usuall to achieve a normal orgasm, but when I finaly came, I ejaculated with such force and intensity I wound up having to later clean my mess off the headboard on my bed. There also seemed to be tripple the amount of ejaculate than normal, my chest and abdomen was compleaty coved. All over me, all over the bed. (good thing I layed down towels). This is embarrasing to admit, but I came so much, there was just no simple wiping it up. I was doomed into taking a shower. I have masterbated alot throughout my lifetime, and I have never ever produced that much ejaculate. It felt unrealistic. Even now I reflect upon it as an oddity. I'm curious if my next session with the Aneros will have the same effect.

    One last observation. I went to go clean up, and took a warm shower. I found it alot more comfortable removing the Aneros while taking a warm shower. It rinses right off, and you can give it a quick soap down to remove the lubrication. This is by no means a replacement for proper sterilization later on. It just makes the job easier. Anyways, thats besides the point. When I was washing myself \"back there\" My anus felt compleatly different. It was indeed slightly swelled, but not uncomfortable. Due to the slight swelling I was tighter than normal, but the anus itself felt exactly like the entrance to a womans vagina. Smooth and firm, sorta spongy, rather than its usual hard and pukered up. Touching it in the shower like this.. it almost felt alien. It felt good, like the way a hard on feels good , but I was a little sensitive. I didnt put my finger in, because I knew it will feel abrasive. After a good nights rest, I checked it in the morning. It seems to have snapped back to normal, still sensitive though.

    Post Notes/Observations:

    It took me a few hours to achieve a special level of sensitivity. I was whooped, and decided to go take a break. I left the Aneros in me and put on some loose fitting clothes. I decided to go outside for a smoke break, I like to pace around when I smoke. Well my normal pacing around was waaay too much stimulation to endure. I didnt even finish my cig. I retreated back to the bedroom. On a similar note, I thought it might be nice to take a nap with the Aneros in, and wake up continuing my exercise. Not a chance. This thing is more effective than No-Doze.

    That darned abutement tab will not stay in the middle no matter what I try. Imagine trying to place a basketball on top of a house, right on the peak. No matter how hard you try its going to roll down one side or the other. My middle spot where its supposed to rest, is like a muscle there that flexes when I do a pc contraction, causing a \"peak\". Oddly the abutement tab seems to always slide over to the left. No amount of positioning it will make it stay in the middle. If I push it over to the right side, it will stay there, that offers some relief. Once I start getting good sensations from the whole process, I find that I can easily ignore this little sore spot.

    I've read all of B.Mayfields posts. One thing that he harps on, is the importance of NOT touching the penis. I have to agree with this philosophy. Like I mentioned earlier, it feels like something is getting re-wired. Like my anus is learning to feel just like my penis (almost). For some reason penile stimulation prevents this re-wiring process to occur. I wonder if women have similar difficulties learning to have vaginal/g-spot orgasms if they are used to cliteral, or visa-versa?

    It has also occured to me that before my adventure with the Aneros last night. I had inadvertantly abstained from all sexual activity for about two weeks, (not by choice, just too busy). My body was starving for an orgasmic release. This may also account for the huge volume of ejaculate at the end. Abstaining from sex may have also aided the re-wiring effect.

    Flexing you large muscle groups, (legs, stomach, chest, buttocks) enhances regular penile orgasms. Flexing the same group of muscles also hightens the sensations I get from the Aneros. If done at the right moment(during the near-orgasm state).

    A good hour after removing the Aneros, It still felt pleasurable to flex my pc muscle and contract my anal and rectal muscles. I enjoyed these lesser sensations as I drifted off to sleep. I curious to see if more practice with the Aneros will train me to pleasure myself without using the Aneros. Only time will tell.


    I guess the biggest question I have is this. Although what I felt was pretty awesome, it in no way compares to a penile orgasm. My penile orgasms are very intense, full body orgasms, they literally wipe me out. I'm not sure if I experianced the big O or not. I'm pretty sure I have not, but I got darned close. Assuming I was getting close, I'm hoping that extending the \"near orgasm\" experiance will eventually lead to the super o. Please tell me I'm right, or if I'm missing some extra step. I do know this though. Over-stimulation will make the feeling go away. I sense what I felt was just the beginning of something huge. Those of you that do reach the super o; Are capable of multiples right? I hope so. My full body penile orgasms are not repeatable till I have a good nights rest.

    During the near orgasm, I felt like I could almost have a penile orgasm. Though the buildup felt more localized around my bladder and prostate, rather than cock and balls. Will having a super o push me over that edge and cause a penile orgasm? Or is the super o better than a regular orgasm? Is it more or less intense? I've identified over a dozen different good sensations, (probably the aneros bumping or stroking different areas of my prostate)any one of them feels good enough to bring me to a near orgasm. I noticed I have better luck if I pay broader attention to everythng thats going on, not just the pressure on my prostate. Theres so many sensations to track. Unfortunatly I think one of the key ones I'm lacking is the sweet spot. I'm sure I can overcome my lack of a sweet spot.

    Once I was sensitive enough, It felt pretty good just gyrating my hips very slightly. Just by gyrating alone, in certain positions, the Aneros would traverse in and out of my anus, stroking my prostate. This is without flexing any muscles. Can I reach that super O without flexing? Perhaps its a combination of physical movement and flexing? So many things to try.

    Heres a good one. Anybody out there taking Viagra? I'm curious if the effects of Viagra, (the general tension and tightness in my frenium), would enhance the Aneros experiance? Viagra is expensive, and I'd hate to waste a dose on expiramentation. It would also be a bummer if I wasted a dose only to find out that its counter productive to Aneros play. If anyone has tried it please post a reply here.

    I'd like for my next Aneros experiance to be as pleasant as last nights. I'm highly tempted to try again tonight, or is it too soon? I don't want to push it and get sore. Also, I'm afraid that I'll have to abstain for a while from all sexual activity to give me that extra edge(sexual frustration)? My sensitivity back there is still very hightened, perhaps if I go again tonight I'll get there quicker, without having to break myself in. Any suggestions on frequency?

    When I was shopping for lube. I cant remember the brand name, but its a water soluable lube just like KY liquid, only it has a warming ingrediant in it. I didnt get it, I was afraid that it might burn, or make me feel queesy. But on the other hand, if its good for the gals, *ahem* intamate place, it should be safe for a guys right?

    I've got a ton of other questions, but this post is already far more than I would expect anyone to have the patience to read through. So I'll save them for later, and close this out. I hope this post is helpfull to some.

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    In answer to your last question, I wouldn't get the KY warming stuff. It burns, at least for a little while, and it feels 'gritty' and doesn't lubricate as well as normal KY.