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Vibrating Bullet and Aneros
  • trinity_x2trinity_x2
    Posts: 6
    Has anyone tried this yet ?
  • ArupArup
    Posts: 2
    I tried the vibrating bullet yesterday and it was pretty amazing. It fits very snugly in the handle and the vibrations are pretty powerful, at least a lot more than I thought they would be. I put it is position but didn't switch it on at first. Once I was relaxed and had my first wave of the super-O, that's when I put it on, but very gently. The next wave began, but the sphincter was being stimulated at the same time. I began to experience violent convulsions at unpredictable intervals and continued for wave after wave of super-O's. The more you can relax the better it works and the more you can handle. I think that partly why some people have difficulty with this device, I mean the aneros itself is summarised there - they are not ready to experience such intensity. Anyway, as for the vibrating bullet, I give it a glowing review, but I suggest getting your super-O chops down first.

    For my first bullet experience, I had two hours of intense and less intense waves with an extremely intense penile orgasm. I had my walkman on at the time with my head under the sheets, so had no way of knowing how loud my groans would have been. After that during the refractory period more waves of the super-O and a second penile orgasm almost as intense as the first. Gentle waves continued after that. I could have gone on. . .

    Get your super-O down, and then GET THIS THING!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    I strongly agree with Arup that getting your Super O chops down is a prerequisite for using the vibrating bullet. Although I haven't used the bullet myself, I have experimented extensively with the Aneros in conjunction with similar vibrating devices. The bottom line is; if you have yet to experience a Super O, the sensations that a vibrator produces will absolutely bury the subtle pleasure waves that are the precursors of this type of orgasm. In other words, the chances are that if you haven't gotton there yet, this won't get you there! I'm not saying that it won't feel good, it will feel good, it's just that it can obscure the path to the Super O, unless that is, you already know where to go. For this reason I've strongly discouraged new users from using vibrators.

    That having been said, I have found that once I've crossed over (with the initial Super O) in a given session, a variety of means may be used for initiating subsequent orgasms, including the use of vibrators. I should also mention that I have used vibrators with and without the Aneros in place as a means of triggering Super O's. Again, a lot of what this comes down to is familiarizing yourself with yourself and becoming accustomed to the sensations that lead you to the Super O. Putting it another way, you've got to learn to perfect the standard recipe before you go spicing it up!

    B Mayfield
  • Edit
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    nice site man! i usualy post over at (i am crazymaze)and its good there too. ive seen info about that bullet and am gonna get one for my woman especially after reading.
    should get her to try it on me dude!
    this is a totally cool site i never knew it existed. gonna come round more often, man:):)
  • Edit
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    bullet and the aneros cool man i'd love to pleasure her with this. i'd love to be pleasured by her with it
  • Edit
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    how do place the bullet on the aneros
    Posts: 3
    I have been using a TLC 9 volt 5 speed function bullet with great results. The trick is to put one of those stretch silicone sleave with the bumps/ridges on the bullet before you get the lube out. Then you can get lube eveywhere and the bullet will stay in place on the ring.