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peraneal pressure causes discomfort
  • perryperry
    Posts: 1
    I admit that I have not had allot of experiance thus far. I do sense that there are some beautiful experiances awaiting after a period of learning. I have noticed some discomfort at the peranial area. It seems like that part of aneros seems not to want to stay in one spot and hence causes some soreness as it works it's way from side to side rubbing myself there in a uncomforatable way. This flipping from side to side happens between the anal contractions. I read somewhere that it may be recomended to remove the pubic hair in order to lesson the posible discomfort and I have tried this without too much benifit. I have also been careful not to introduce any lubrication to this part so that one could prevent unwanted slipping. I would be happy to hear some advice so that I can move along to the enjoyment that I read about.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    If you read through my comments, I have always suggested two fingers LIGHTLY placed on either side of the abutment tab as guides. Not elegant, but this has always done the trick for me. If you don't want to go this route there are various methods for anchoring the tab. One of the easiest, cheapest and best that I've tried was discussed by T Bone in his posting entitled "PERINEUM TAB, PADDING & POSITIONING on 3/22/04. It can currently be found on page 3 in this forum. However, as with all of these abutment tab "anchors" the gain of stability also yields a cooresponding loss of pressure from the tab. But if the tab is irritating you as it is, a sacrifice of a some pressure may be a welcome thing for you! Check it out.

    Hope this helps!

    B Mayfield