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Did I get the Super-O?
  • gam_0gam_0
    Posts: 1
    Hi guys, I'm a gay Asian just starting with the Aneros SGX. I have read a lot on this board, but it's still hard to decide if I got the Super-O yesterday (which was my fourth and so far most successful session), partly because my way of getting there seemed to be a little unorthodox (if that's the word) which involved a lot of sexual stimulation and thinking.

    First I got cleaned, then aroused, and lay on my side to insert the aneros with plenty of KY jelly. I made sure to hit the "sweet spot" with the abutment tab. The tab lands a little too far from my anus, so I gently pulled the handle on the other side with every contraction. (This is not a scene to be visited by my parents! Lying naked on my side with one arm behind my back.) The tab hit home nicely and I eventually got anal twitchings which were very nice, but not anything more intense.

    I kept trying to no avail, until I lay on my stomach. Then boom! The sphincter contractions worked with the new penile stimulation by the bed. My thoughts turned to being entered anally and thanking the aneros for being there. (Previously I had stayed aroused by looking at my front from the top of my thighs to the tip of my toes.) I really don't remember anything specific, except there was a tremendously nice feeling from my anal region. I almost cried at one time but the tears didn't come out.

    The amazing thing was that this new feeling was immediate, as soon as I went on my stomach (while keeping the rhythmic contractions.) I got a few waves of good feelings (which, again, I can't remember the exact nature of) and somehow decided to end it. Interestingly, I don't remember the overall session as life-changing as in the description by many others. So, could I have done better? Did I screw things up by using penile stimulation? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Screw things up? From the sounds of it not at all. It's true that I have strongly cautioned in past about avoiding penile contact while working towards the Super O. The main reason for this is that there is the tendency for your body to want to go back to the more traditional penile centered sensory pathway. So is it possible to have a Super O in the presence of penile stimulation. Yes, several users have reported so, and I myself have experienced as well. As a general rule though I believe that penile contact can confuse the situation and allow people to ignore the subtler sensations that are the precursors necessary for building an intense "non-ejaculatory" orgasm.

    At the very least it sounds as if you experienced some terrific sensations, whether they were precursors of a larger experience that did not occur or whether it was the "real deal" its hard to know for certain. One of the "signatures" for the Super O for me is that these waves of pleasure build and build until I feel my penis getting rock hard (almost as if I was going to ejaculate). When the release does occur there is no ejaculation but very intense waves that encompass my entire lower abdomen, anus, rectum, and spread into my upper body. Unlike a traditional orgasm this goes on for minutes at a time and may be followed by another orgasm almost immediately (no refractory period).

    I suggest that you keep with it. Try some other positions, side lying, kneeling (head and chest on your bed, knees on the floor). Use the mental image of being entered anally in different positions. Mix it up a little and see where it takes you. Regardless of whether your results are "life-changing" at this juncture, the experience that you've had is very encouraging! Stay with it!

    B Mayfield