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  • jrv46jrv46
    Posts: 3
    i AM USING THE MASSAGER ABOUT 6 TIMES NOW AND HAVE NOT ANY RESULTS WITH IT. How long do I need to have the massager in. I have it in for about 30 minutes. Go in easy but seems like it is dry coming out. Can anyone give me any help on using. it
  • TimCTimC
    Posts: 14
    Take more time, relax and breathe slowly focussing on your prostate and how it touches the Aneros. Also use lots and lots and lots of lube - insert a good large dollop deep into your anus before inserting the Aneros and ensure it is also well lubed. You should find a water based lube fine, but sometimes smearing the device with Vaseline retains more slip when the anus is lubed with Glide or KY. My preference is lots and lots of KY - you can never have too much! You might also want to insert the lube nozzle alongside the Aneros every 10/15 minutes or so just to keep levels well topped up - the nozzle will fit ok and worst that will happen is that you'll squeeze excess out or end up with a very well oiled bowel!