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Experienced Anal Adventurer Reports First Time Experience
  • barewoodybarewoody
    Posts: 6
    I think this is a very interesting product even though I did not have a super o experience. I like it a lot. Will definitely use it more.

    I am straight, married for 20 years. Have enjoyed anal play almost my whole life. I have a number of traditional anal toys, but nothing like this. I generally like the smaller toys (1 inch in diameter at most, three-quarters is better)--don't know why some go so big, it only hurts. Therefore, I have, I think, some well-developed nerve endings down there already. I like anal play because I do think it is healthy for males, stimulates blood flow to the region, helps the prostate, and is a big sress reliever. I also like the experience of being a "receiver" for a change. In addition, since I've seen it discussed on this forum before, I am shaved in the whole nether region, so I have a smooth perineum for the abutment tab.

    Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of time. The usual preparations were followed including bulb syringe to clean out rectum. Before using my new MGX Classic, I decided to wake up my honey-hole by using another small toy (non-vibrating; my feeling is that vibrators only irritate the prostate) for a few minutes to create an erotic mood. (My usual anal lube is either Slippery Stuff or Embrace; both are water-based an fairly light, but not as light as K-Y.) Played with nipples and got fully-relaxed.

    Insertion of MGX
    Switched over to the MGX. Followed the instructions. Insertion was great. The toy really tickles the key spots. The shape and the abutment tab do feed off one another. After some time simply just enjoying the feeling of the MGX, I stared doing a few light Kegels. The MGX draws in pleasantly and the abutment tab does seem to create a sensory feedback loop. The light Kegels started some pre-cum drips. All very nice. I also tried several postions. It feels real good in all. Kneeling is very good, as is simply lying on the back. Instructions are probably right about side being best though. I never could get the involuntaries going, but again, I didn't have a lot of time. I can certainly see why some like to keep it in all the time. After having it pleasurably in for 20 minutes or so I removed it. I didn't go for an ejaculation on this outing, so was hands-off penis during the whole time just trying to experience the MGX. After removal, I had a real pleasant feeling in the rectum and prostate. I think this may be more of a health device than a toy, but it is probably both.

    I really like it. I am sure that it just takes some time to get the involutaries going. A couple of thoughts on the design: I wonder if the abutmanet tab, instead of being in one plane, shouldn't be like a small round knob that presses on the sweet spot. Also, the tiny ridges could be a bit larger. Instead of the back handle, consider a model with a strap connected to a belt so that it could be comfortably worn while doing other activities (definitley sex!) without worrying that it might pop out.

    In summary, a great product.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    The Aneros is indeed more than a health device and certainly more than your average toy. An erotic stimulator, a "hot-wire", whatever you call it, there's a lot of power in that little piece of plastic (when used properly). Given time, patience and some experimentation on your part, you will discover this for yourself! With regard to the abutment tab issue, this is something that many have pondered over. The dilemma is that anything that adds stability (such as a round ball end) mitigates the amount of pressure that the arm brings to bear. The concensus is that while not perfect, the current design delivers the maximum amount pressure with the optimum efficiency. (Remember the nerve runs pretty much vertically through this region). In so far as holding the Aneros in during intercourse goes, I do it all the time and have never had a problem with it. Definitely try this you love it! The handle is a problem when it come to retaining the device during other activities though. So I guess a strap just might have its uses. I second the idea on larger ribs...sounds good to me.


    B Mayfield
  • Edit
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    Thanks B. I am definitely going to keep trying with this thingy. There's deinitely someting good going on. Your posts are extremely helpful.