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Is the product safe for older teens?
  • Hi people does anyone know if the aneros is safe for teens or is it recommended to older adults 30-40 I was very impressed with the stories ive read.
  • AnalAceAnalAce
    Posts: 7
    Teens can use it to, I have a cousin that I introduced to the anal pleasure of the Aneros at the age of 16 and he is 18 now and loves it.
  • supportsupport
    Posts: 232
    Please note that the Aneros is sold as an adult novelty item. As such, it is intended for persons age 18 or older. We do not recommend this product for minors. We also do not advocate reckless or indiscriminate use of the product. We strongly encourage all interested individuals to read all instructions regarding usage of the product before purchasing.

    Aneros Support