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  • Ice_9Ice_9
    Posts: 1
    Hi y'all.

    After about a month of reading up on this wonderful item, I ordered and it arrived on Thursday but I am sorry to say I am having nothing that even compares to what I have read. I have been unable to have a "standard "O let alone a mnd altering 5 minute O.

    I have had no pre cum fluid draining, no orgasms at all, no really nice sensations. Nada.

    Lemme tell you what's happened and a few q's I have.

    On Thursday, I read the instructions carefully and inserted it with lube. I used Baby Oil as I had no KY or sex lube.
    I curled up, inserted the device, put on a porno for added stimulus and just forgot about it as I was aware I should not force it.
    As soon as it went in, my penis hardened but I think that was down to general stimulus.

    Today, Friday, I lay on the bed and repeated the exercises. After a good 25 minutes of "not much" my anus started to go all tingly - almost like when your hand has been to sleep and is just coming around!
    Was this correct or was my anus just getting numb after 30 mins?

    Then I felt like I needed to pee. I took these as good signs but unfortunately nothing materialised :-(

    Problem 1:

    The instructions say that after acclimatising it, to contract the muscles 20 - 30 times in time with your breathing and that I should be in a state of euphoria after that.
    No I am not.

    Problem 2: I am not even sure I am doing it right! The instructions mention using your sphincter yet at another time mention using your PC muscles.
    How do you differentiate between the two?

    All I know is I tense muscles that make sit seem like I am trying to "suck" faeces back up my anus rather than expelling them.

    Problem 3: The instructions seem to contradict.
    First it's "contract 20 - 30 times in time with your breathing" and then they say "contract 1/4 to 1/2 a full contraction" and then later they say " make a strong contraction of your anal sphincter."

    When contracting 20 - 30 times, should this be at 1/4 to 1/2 strength as well? I am lost!

    Problem 4: The Perineum Abutment does nothing for me!

    Problem 5: My contractions are steady, like breathing. Is thsi right or am I meant to hold each one?

    Please help! I want to experience great Os.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Ice 9

    First, forget the baby oil (mineral oil with fragrance), it's not adequate to the task (nowhere near slippery enough) and it can MAKE you sore...yes, numb too! Secondly, understand that the manufacturer's instructions are only an outline of a sort. Following them to the letter NEVER resulted in a Super O for me. There were however, a step in the overall process. Please read my threads above "Keys to the Backdoor..." and "Keys ....Revisited" . Take some time read through this forum, IT IS A TERRIFIC RESOURCE. Check out "In Search of the Sweet Spot" on page 4 of the forum for information on how to use the abutment tab effectively. To answer your question a rectal contraction is pushing out, an anal (aka P.C.) contraction is pushing in. Do some research first, then do some experimentation. Be patient, lower you expectations a little (at least initially), there is some learning/discovery that is necessary first. Dont' forget to have fun! It's all good.

    B Mayfield