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Is it Possible To Contract the Rectum too Much?
  • Joe 1Joe 1
    Posts: 1
    I got the aneros a few weeks ago. I've tried it about 3 fimes now. I haven't had a super O, but it does create some great sensations while it is inside of me.

    I think that I have a spastic or nerves colon, after I use the aneros, for a day or two later I have some Odd feelings in my lower stomach. Is anyone else experencing these Odd Feelings?

    I enjoy using the Aneros, it is very enjoyable. I just want to be sure that it can't hurt anything inside. Sometimes I really get carried away with the strong Anal contractions, because it feels so good.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I'm not a doctor, but I don't think there is anyway (when used as directed) that the Aneros will harm you. The odd feelings that have occurred for you may be the result though of the anal contractions that you're executing. In some instances, depending on how your system works all of the contractions can inadvertantly trigger your colon into peristalsis (the rhythmic involuntary contractions of the colon that are responsible for moving waste through the system). It has happened to me on occasion. In such case I usually opt to giving it a try another day instead. If I'm really motivated however, I evacuate, then rinse with a light enema thereafter and then have at it again!

    With regard to "overcontracting" and the pursuit of the Super O, see my thread above Keys to the Backdoor and the 3/15 posting entitled "Over-contracting is more better?"

    B Mayfield