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female aneros idea
  • Another thread got me thinking about whether or not a female version of the aneros would be possible. The user talked about how he was disappointed when he discovered that the aneros would do nothing for his wife.

    The small jealous part of me thinks I should keep this idea to myself :) Its probably just that I haven't recieved my aneros in the mail yet...once I'm initiated into the world of multiple orgasms I won't have to see woman as getting a better shake in that department.

    Anyway here's my idea, for those who run this site and those who read it to do as they can with it. If it really pans out I'll be slapping myself for not patenting it, but frankly I wouldn't even have the money for the process of patenting it or producing it. I wouldn't hold onto the cure for cancer if I had it and wasn't a doctor, either :).

    Not even saying this is a new idea but I let you guys think about it to and give your ideas on its worthiness. Essentially it would rely on the instability of the butt portion to keep everything moving.

    The left most arm would apply pressure immediately above the pubic bone. Don't know the scientific g-spot orgasm benefits this has, but I've seen a few adult videos where the guy applys pressure here with his other hand.

    The second arm would apply pressure and stimulation to the clitoris. Maybe there could be something said in putting one of those vibrating eggs onto the whole contraptions. I'm not sure if the female multiple orgasm is as subtle of a creature to get going as what I've read about the male multiple orgasm and super-O on this sight. B Mayfield has said however that a vibrating egg on the aneros while pleasureable would actually be detrimental toward reaching the super-O.

    Third arm is no mystery, it it inserted into the vaginal with a curly end to apply upward pressure on the womans g-spot. The 2nd (clitoris) arm my alternately come off of this arm to apply pressure to the clitoris more simlar to many of the vibrators on the market. There might also be something to be said for making the portion in contact with the first 2 inches of the vagina thicker, but this may reduce the movement caused by anal contractions.

    Finally the last arm is the anal arm. As I have it now it simply a "butt-plug-ish" insert that would possibly bring about those anal contractions from simultaneously having your body try to expel it while she holds it it. This is where my understanding of womans errogenous zones deminishes a little.

    It might be good to have a curled arm like the primary arm of the aneros hear applying pressure back side of the vagina. ( different clitoris arm and butt arm more like aneros)

    Heck you may want to put yet another arm on it to contract the perenium area on the woman, though I don't known if this is pleasureable or not for them. At some point if you put to many arms in this it might become less pleasureable (assuming it does something for them at all.

    Another suggestion would be to look at the center of gravity on this monstrosity and figure out where its going to be rotating around and then perhaps distribute weight differently amoung the arms to encourage rotation when the anus contracts and relaxes.

    Now I haven't thought to thoroughly over the physics of inserting one of these if its even possible. I don't have a vagina myself...or one anywhere nearby that I think would be willing to allow a clinical investigation :) without some wining and dining of course.

    I'd like to hear my fellow forum members opinions however.

    If this thing hits it big I'd appreciate some props or freebies :)