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Using a rubber on Aneros ...
  • beachballbeachball
    Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone had used a condom to 'shield' the Aneros while using it (for hygiene/easy-to-clean reasons of cos)?? I still have no idea why was white color was chosen for a toy that is going up the butt ...:):)
  • With the white color you can easily see if you "missed" something when you were cleaning it up. Not so much with a sexy chocolate brown butt plug.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    I would strongly advise against the use of a condom with the Aneros. The reason is that it will definitely adversely effect the performance of the device. The Aneros has been designed so that when properly lubricated it has unfettered mobility in and out of your rectum. A condom never fits snugly on the unit, and adds a substantial level of resistance of its own (the resistance of the Aneros to the inside of the condom, and the resistance of the condom to the anal and rectal tissues. At the same time the ribs on the base are covered, mitigating their effect also. All and all it really messes up the responsiveness of the device. How do I know...yes, I've tried it. It's a total non-starter.

    I would concurr with IAMCHAVEZ's assessment as well, the white color is helpful in determining how soiled the unit is, ultimately however, regardless of it's appearance, the Aneros must be cleaned thoroughly after each use.

    No question about it, there is some time that must be spent on preparation and proper cleanup for a successful and hygenic session with the Aneros, but no more so than with any other type of anal play. Is it worth it? Intense, multiple, whole body orgasms, lasting minutes at a time....what do think?

    B Mayfield