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SGX instead of MGX
  • whoops, screwed up that post. Retype.

    Somehow I wound up with the SGX model instead of the MGX. Should I return it or run with it?
  • erjerj
    Posts: 2

    The same thing happened to me, received a SGX instead of a MGX. Wrote the company and was told that the MGX was redesigned and that they now looked alike only differing in length (no additional ridge on the insertion end). The company provided the MGX dimensions, I measured and am still convinced that I received an SGX. Would you please post if the company makes good. I would like to receive the product originally ordered.


  • I contacted the company and here is the (official) response I got:

    Please measure the length of the body of the massager, and also please tell me if you have discussed this matter with [edited: supplier]??

    The product that you have received is a revised model of the MGX. We feel that this is an improved version of the MGX, and we will be switching to this newer model exclusively in the immediate future. We suggest that you keep this improved model. The revisions have been made so as to incorporate the improved design elements of the SGX as mentioned below.

    The primary improvement is the relocation of the perineum tab to a position that provides more direct external pressure and, in turn, also provides more effective internal pressure. Because we feel that the new design provides more direct pressure, we have rounded the top of the massager for greater comfort, replacing the nodules with a smooth surface area........

    The prostate gland is located 2.5 - 3 inches inside the anus. Many people incorrectly assume that the nodules are of primary importance to the effectiveness of the massager. The action of the contracting the sphincter muscles allows the massager to move up and down across the prostate while the perineum tab acts as a fulcrum to allow the massager to gently press downwards against the prostate. It is likely that this sensation will not be as great as you might expect to receive from using external pressure (i. e. using a finger or manually forcing some other object against the prostate) to effect prostate massage.


    I only posted the first part of the email response(my answer). The rest of it talked about techniques. Notice how it doesent really admit that I got an sgx but rather an improved mgx that is just like an sgx.

    Actually I don't need to measure the model I have because I can tell by its packaging. The packagining was was originaly made to hold the MGX, it even outlines the nodules at the end. The model I have seems to stop where the MGX's nodules began. However it is exactly as they described above. Its more rounded at the tip of it, and the prenium abutement does have more of a curvature to it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isnt that exactly how the SGX differes from the MGX?

    I'm taking a w.a.g. at this, but I'm assuming that R&D improved the MGX and came up with the SGX. I wonder if the MGX will eventually be phased out? Perhaps what I have is a hybrid of both MGX and SGX?? Pretty sure what I have is actually an SGX.

    I'm going to go ahead and keep it. If it doesent reach my "spot", I'll reorder directly from the company instead of a retail store. Besides I trust their judgement. I think I got a swinging deal anyways, I paid the price for an MGX and got the more expensive SGX model. Thats about a ten buck difference in my favor.

    I'll follow up with my experiances when I get a chance to use it. Unfortunatly I wont be able to compare both models till I get an actual MGX, and I may never get that chance if they are phasing it out. I'd like to hear more feedback and comparisons from the folks that have both models.

  • Ok well I'm embarrased. I broke out the tape measure. It measures exactly 4 1/8"

    What do ya know? So basicaly the MGX has been modified to be just like an SGX. The only difference between the two is the length.

    Hope this helps clear up the confusion.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    The new version MGX shares the same abutment tab configuration of the SGX, however it is definitely larger than the SGX, in length and girth. It's is in essence a knobless (noduless) old version MGX with a shorter and tighter abutment tab. When I've held up both MGX's up next to each other, the new version appears to be maybe a hair shorter in the body as well.

    B Mayfield