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My first (and 2nd and 3rd) time
  • MarcMarc
    Posts: 1
    Being a single male of 35 years of age, I thought there's more than just penile masturbation, so I bought a Aneros.

    So here are my experiences:

    1st time
    No trouble inserting it (I've been into S&M a bit and not unfamiliar with dildos). It felt quite comfortable, but that was just it. I tried to inhale and exhale slowly, but apparently not quite as I should have.
    After a while I got a little bored and went out of bed, downstairs to grab the newspaper. It was then, when I almost walked against the walls as it -did- worked! It was not quite an orgasm, but it certainly tingled a funny bone somewhere inside!
    When I got back in bed, it was all over again. I tried to walk a few laps in the bedroom, but thought this would be a tedious method of getting an orgasm :-)
    Finally I went to the bathroom to masturbate. The sphincter contractions were very intense; nice!

    2nd try
    Like the first time, it didn't do much, eventhough I had my laptop next to my bed, with this websites instructions on screen. (maybe not an erotic thought..?). I walked a bit, which was nice, but a little frustrated I went to the bathroom (as it didn't work, again).

    3rd try
    I got up at around 5AM when I inserted my Aneros. Like previous times it didn't quite work, but then the stories takes an interesting twist :-)
    I was dosing off, still with the Aneros inserted, when after 30 or 40 minutes I got this lovely orgasmic feeling, out of the blue! I tried to concentrate on the spot where this fantastic feeling was coming from, and I started to breath heavily. Unfortunately I didn't quite know how to keep this feeling and it went away eventually.
    Later on (15 to 30 minutes later) I had a similar experience.

    So it -does- work, but I still don't know -how- :-)

    from the Netherlands