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on the right track?
  • After reading all about the aneros on the web site, reading all the posts, and customer reviews, and EXTREME curiousity, I decided to buy an aneros for myself. It was on my doorstep in a few days, much to my surprise, and I couldn't wait to try it out. I reread b mayfields directions a few times and gave it a whirl....and to tell you the truth was disappointed after my first try....I didn't feel anything like everyone seemed to be describing.....same thing a few days later on my second try. I attribute both of these failures to 1)not really knowing what to expect to feel (if that makes sense) and 2)I was definitely rushing things....i wanted that instant super orgasm. I know now that these are BIG NO NO's.

    So anyway, about a week later I decided to go at it again. I got everything set up (lube, towels, etc), took a nice shower, climbed into bed, lubed myself up...this time I inserted some lube internally with a medicine dropper...inserted the problem so far. This time however, I waited about 10 minutes before I started any contractions...just some deep breathing. After a bit, I started some slow contractions....about 50% contraction on the inhale...hold for a few seconds, then total relaxation on the exhale. Honestly I did this for about 10 minutes....then I think I made some progress. On my inhale I started to feel like this pulsating feeling...i think this is the involuntary contraction that everyone is talking about....kinda like a uncontrollable felt really good, but it was hard for me to sustain this feeling. If I contracted harder, it went away. So I tried just holding the contraction at the point where the quivering was taking place...this worked to moderate success...I was kinda holding my breath, so i couldn't hold it for long.

    So, how for the questions.
    1) Is this quivering/pulsating the involutary contraction? (I'm pretty sure it is)
    2) Any advice on how to sustain it longer, or will this come with practice?
    3)Lastly, I did all of this laying on my side, it didn't seem to work as well when I laid on my back. So if this is the involuntary contraction, what should I do next....start holding contractions?

    Thanks in advance.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Sounds like you're having some very encouraging results! Yes, the "quivering" that you've described sound very much like the "involuntaries" . On sustaining them, first and foremost make sure that you have proper abutment tab placement. If you haven't already, check out my thread on PAGE 2 entitled "In Search of The Sweet Spot" where I discuss finding and maintaining proper contact with it. Proper tab placement will help to not only sustain but to propagate the involuntaries into a larger response.

    In addition to proper tab placement, be sure to mentally focus on the sensations that this quivering brings and try to bring them deeper into your body through breathing and abdominal/rectal contractions. For instance, while holding a low-level anal contraction, try holding an abdominal contraction and a rectal contraction (a rectal contraction is not an anal contraction, you are familiar with it as the sensation of pushing outward that one ordinarily does when on the toilet). With all of this going on, try some short shallow rhythmic in and out breathing so that you make your diaphragm "bounce" (it's almost like panting). I find that this exercise helps to internalize sensations deeper into my body. Now finally add to this one or two medium low anal contractions (always making certain to come back to that basal level contraction). I sometimes use the mental picture at this juncture, of these anal contractions actually "sweeping" sensation deep into my body.

    As you've described, I know there's a tendency to want hold your breath, in particular once you start getting a favorable response (for fear that you might lose your place). There is no question that holding air can have it's place, but don't over do with this, if you need air, try some of the type I outlined above, remember you can use taking in air as well as holding it to your benefit. For example, try taking in air and inhaling into your lower abdomen while at the same time executing a rectal contraction. Mix it up, and see what happens.

    In so far as positions go, stay with what ever works for you! If you're like me, once you get your technique down, positions will be less critical to generating the Super O, but will be there for the sake of variety.

    Lastly, be patient and make sure to be open to ALL of the sensations that come your way.

    Hope this helps,

    B Mayfield