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How About a CyberSkin Vacu-Lock Aneros???
  • DnJDnJ
    Posts: 1
    From a woman's perspective, it would be nice to have a vacu-lock type device (for strap-ons) similar to the aneros. Any thoughts from other women? Men?
  • DnJ,

    I'm familiar with cyberskin but I'm not sure what the "vacu-lock" device is about. Please give more details. Are you into receiving or giving anal stimulation or both?

    Unlike cyber skin, the Aneros is made from a rigid material so that it can be self propelled by anal contractions alone. I think it's angled design would make it difficult to be used in conjunction with a strap-on for purposes of thrusting into a partner. I've seen several postings in the forum from guys who've introduced the Aneros to their lady friends. The limitation with the Aneros (for women) appears to be the perineal abutment tab. First, most women have a much smaller perineum (in women, the area between the anus and vagina) than men do. Furthermore, I'm not sure that the perineum is as significant an area for women as it is for men. It would seem that such a tab would need to be configured for clitoral stimulation (a taller perhaps wider tab at the tip) or vaginal penetration (a G-spot stimulator) . Again, I'm not sure that the Aneros as it's presently designed could be modified for this purpose. Perhaps the manufacturer will take an interest in producing a version for ladies!

    So glad to see a lady who is into anal (be it giving or receiving)! I've seen lots of comments in this forum from guys who are looking to introduce anal play and the Aneros into their relationships, but don't know how to "break the ice" with their partners. Any feedback that you could give on this would be most appreciated by many I'm sure.