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An anal pro needing advice from the same...
  • I've been practicing anal stimulation since I was 14 and in the last eight years I've gradually moved from a toothbrush all the way up to Sean Michael's Super Cock (a 2.75" muthafucka). Needless to say, I'm no anal virgin. So my question: Any other vets out there who have used Aneros and can weigh in on this puppy? My main concern is that it just might be too small. Which is probably a unique utterance around here.
  • A vet? Not sure, but I will confess that I’ve enjoyed this kind of stimulation ever since I was a kid and had a thermometer stuck up there! Since that time I’ve experimented with numerous dils, vibrators, anal beads, (vibrating and otherwise), butt plugs, (inflatable-vibrating and solid), bananas, zucchini, cucumbers (hot house and standard) and just about anything cylindrical at one time or another. I’ve never really been into the “expansion” thing, (didn’t see the point, unless incontinence was the ultimate goal!). But I do know and have always delighted in the sensations of being penetrated and “filled up” anally and rectally.

    I’ve been using the Aneros for just about 8 months and have been having Super O’s pretty much consistently for about 2 months now. The Aneros experience is not really about being penetrated nor is it about being “filled up” to any significant degree. It is a completely different sensual experience of the anal, rectal and whole body kind. My previous anal experiences always amounted to enhancing a normal ejaculation. The Aneros is something else entirely. As a matter of fact the Super O only seems occur when my penis is NOT involved! Anyway, it’s sublime!

    To answer your question, if you’re expecting a new toy to slam yourself with, then you’ll probably be disappointed. Again, it’s not really large enough in diameter or length to make the grade for that purpose. However, if you’re open to trying something really different, a new experience awaits you. Check out B. Mayfield’s threads at the beginning of the forum. I found them really helpful.

  • chrisconnchrisconn
    Posts: 5
    I've used dildos before which are alot larger than the aneros and I still get orgasms from the aneros so I wouldn't worry.
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    The aneros should not be viewed as a dildo. I would describe it as an anatomically designed prostate massager that uses anal stimulation to promote contractions that massage the prostate. When you insert it, this nice little toy swims right upstream and nestles right next to the prostate and ampulla. It's different from a dildo, and a nice change from other anal toys. If you enjoy anal stimulation you should really try this.
  • barewoodybarewoody
    Posts: 6
    The aneros is not really a dildo. I would describe it as a device for prostate massage that uses anal contractions to induce massage of the prostate. Upon insertion, it swims right upstream and nestles against the prostate and ampulla. It also develops the anal nerve endings and stimulates blood flow to the whole perineum. It's quite wonderfully differnt from a dildo.
  • AnalAceAnalAce
    Posts: 7
    I to have been into anla stimulation. When I was 10 I would finger my at night in bed, I tryed to sleep that way but my hand would start to hurt so I started to look for other things to use at night tooth brush, magic markers that hurt cause they are not well rounded and I didn't think of using lube at the time. As I got older I moved on to better things butt plugs and dildos and enjoyed them both, but nothing has compared to the Aneros. It just hits the spot every time and give me orgasms like nothing else has else has befor. You are right to say this is not a toy but a tool for getting the most pleasure a man can get. I love mine and don't go a day without useing it and take it with me every where I travel.