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any benifits for the ladys?
  • Just wondering if there are any benifits for the Female partners? Or is it all for us men? Seems like they should get some benifit out of it too.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    The following is an excerpt from one of my postings last year;

    " ....there is a great deal about the Aneros experience that can by shared by a man with a woman. It is true that perfecting a technique for achieving this Super O requires a guy to initially spend some time by himself. The reason for this is that it takes a certain amount of time, experimentation, and discipline to get in touch with the new sensations that will lead you to this place. However, I have found that once a fairly consistent technique has been developed, the participation of partner can be tremendously arousing. I can tell you that I have had numerous Super Orgasms while giving my wife oral pleasure. She's has even had her own very intense orgasms at nearly the same moment. I have discussed this with her, and she has told me, that there are 3 things that seem to make it happen for her, 1) my lingual efforts on her behalf which she has described as "crazed" ,2) her hearing, and seeing my ecstacy, and 3) (as wierd as it seems) almost a transfer of energy between us.

    In this way, I absolutely do believe the Aneros has created greater intimacy between us. Furthermore, we have both found that the sex lasts longer, with more orgasms for her (really for us both), since the activities don't just end abruptly, the way they used to as soon as I had had a penile orgasm. The penile orgasm is no longer the climax of our encounters but simply another item on our sexual menu. Putting the Super Orgasm aside, the addition of the Aneros into our sex life has created greater intensity when we have intercourse as well. As my wife puts it "you really get animated when you have that thing in you..." Animated indeed! In addition, on occasion my wife likes to actually watch me ejaculate, and with the Aneros in place she usually gets quite a show. "

    B Mayfield

  • TimCTimC
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    I'd agree that women do find the sight of their partner using and enjoying the Aneros to be stimulating. Mine is a keen participant in finding how to expand the experience and has actively helped me to identify how my pleasure can be heightened. In doing so she has felt frustrated at not sharing the same experience although byt trial and error we have succeeded in achieving a different level of intercourse whilst using the Aneros. And, as B Mayfield, says, many women enjoy watching their partners ejaculate particularly when the Aneros is used becasue volumes and power are usually greater. Bear in mind that women enjoy pleasuring their partners as much as we enjoy taking that pleasure so anything that enhances the feeling that they have achieved this must be welcome! For those women who also enjoy the taste of sperm the Aneros is reputed to improve the quality, although I think this must by its very nature be subjective.
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    Originally Posted By: curious
    Just wondering if there are any benifits for the Female partners? Or is it all for us men? Seems like they should get some benifit out of it too.

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    Being anal erotic caused by having to have enemas as a child I have tried to find something that would STAY PUT!!. This does, feels great. The only draw back being that as I am petite the "arms" are too long...front one especially. It interferes with intercourse. These folks should make one for the ladies.Most products that stay put are very large in diameter and uncomfortable.
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    Back Door Baby
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Dear Back Door Baby,

    Check out the thread authored by DnJ below, there is a post to it by Brnistr which addresses some of the issues you brought up.

    Also, in concluding he states:

    "So glad to see a lady who is into anal (be it giving or receiving)! I've seen lots of comments in this forum from guys who are looking to introduce anal play and the Aneros into their relationships, but don't know how to "break the ice" with their partners. Any feedback that you could give on this would be most appreciated by many I'm sure. "

    I am without a doubt one of those as mentioned who is looking for different strategies for turning someone (female) on to anal. Any advice?

    B Mayfield