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product makeup
  • Following are some quotes from this list and a couple questions.

    “In regards to the product makeup, the Aneros Massager is made of an FDA approved material called Acetal. Acetal is a crystalline polymer with a high melting point.It offers a high modulus of elasticity combined with great strength, stiffness, smoothness, natural lubricity, and resistance to abrasion. Moisture has no effect on acetal.
    Sunday, February 24th 2002 - 09:28:48 AM”

    “I would think it would be even better if the flat disc-like perineal stimulator were ball shaped.”

    “I find that the perineal pressure part of the Aneros is too rigid and sharp, making it uncomfortable when pressure is applied. I solve that problem by folding a tissue into a small square and sliding it under the edge of the Aneros.”

    “Here’s a quick and easy homemade modification you can make, which I’ve been using a long time with great results.”

    How about making the perineal stimulator ball shaped. Any plans or reasons to keep as is?

    The handle/loop feels brittle. Can we assume that it is not, and it will not break?

    The forum archives have unanswered questions. Is someone involved with the product development actively following and responding the discussions?

    Thank you. I am just starting and looking forward to progressing.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    The comments that you cited came from archives of a now defunct "GUESTBOOK" section on this website. I believe the most recent postings are from last spring. The idea of the guestbook, as I understand it, was an area that featured some discussion by users and some Q and A with the manufacturer. The FORUM is just a users group area where newbies and advanced user alike can discuss their experiences with the Aneros. The manufacturer's only involvement here is that they host the site.

    If you have specific questions that you want answered by the manufacturer, check out the CONTACT US link above. They're friendly and very helpful.

    If I might address your questions for a moment...the composition of the Aneros is such that it is VERY durable. No possible way that it will break under normal usage. In so far as the ball vs. the tab issue is concerned; making the abutment tab into a ball shape would only serve to diffuse the pressure that the tab is able to bring to bear. That is, it might make it more comfortable but it would diminish it's function substantially.

    Hope this helps!

    B Mayfield