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first time experience
  • I tried it for the first time today but did not have alot of time
    to spend I lubed my rectum as Mr Mayfield sugested and the aneros
    I was suprised at how it slid right in and went to the spot I laid
    on my side at first but did not get anywhere then I laid on my back
    and did the breating thin and then I felt it just a little pressure
    at first the the gentle massage inside as I did the contractions I
    did not get much pressure on the perinuem as described by others
    but my penis started to get hard and there was some fluid that
    started to drip from the head of my dick I was running out of time
    so I masturbated and wow what a erection I got but the ejaculation
    was not as described by others, it was good so I think alot more
    time using this and not so rushed should show some good results
    I will post more as it happens.

    Note It went in easy maybe because I have been fingering myself
    in the shower for the last week while waiting for the mail