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can't avoid a penile orgasm
  • niconico
    Posts: 5
    Henri wrote a time ago:

    "I have been using the Aneros for several months. I don't touch my penis, but I can't seem to avoid causing a penile orgasm when the spasms take over. While still pleasurable I know there is an even greater one waiting.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated."

    Well, I'm in the same situation, unlike I only use it for a few weeks. I become best pleasure lying on my stomach and thought may be the cause was the penile stimulation when lying like this. Unfortunately, I don't reach the same sensation lying on my side or back.

    I tried to release tension when sensation is building up, but once the train gets running, one can not stop it....

    I would like to postpone this penile orgasm to be able to reach a "dry" orgasm like explained here in the forum, but was not able to do this....

    Thanks for any suggestion....

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I have posted some comments on this subject in a couple of places. First, in my "Keys to the Backdoor...Revisited" thread (above) see my comments to Jacques. Secondly, check out my thread "KRYPTONITE and the Super O". In a nutshell, it is my belief that penile stimulation OF ANY KIND can derail the pathway to the "non-ejaculatory" or "dry" orgasm. If you end up "grinding" or moving in such a way as to stimulate your penis while you're on your stomach then you will never (in my opinion) make it to the Super O. This position can be a great one however, so long as one does not get penile stimulation from it.

    Is it possible that when you're saying that you have experienced the best sensations on your stomach, that you're really having heightening penile sensations? It would explain why you transition to a traditional ejaculation? In any event, I think that you need to consider giving the other positions more time (lying on your back, side lying, kneeling, on all fours etc.). All of these positions allow one to more easily avoid penile contact. If you should choose to continue with laying on your stomach, just make certain that you avoid ANY penile stimulation, again, although it may feel good, it will short circuit your efforts for the "non-ejaculatory" experience.

    B Mayfield
  • niconico
    Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reply !
    I guess I will have to find a way to lay on my stomach and not stimulate my penis in any way...
    Like other users have mentionned here in the forum: lying on my stomach makes a big difference !! I have tried all the other positions but I can not get the same feeling as when I'm lying on my stomach.
    I will make a hole in my bed at the position of my genitals :-)

    Thanks, have fun,