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Anal Awakening?
  • lobolobo
    Posts: 1
    I received the Aneros a week ago. First night, monumental sensations, bt no orgasm. Near, or so near, but no cigar. The pleasure cycles were so good that I keep going back--happily, the holidays allow this...I am 57 years old, and have never had any kind of anal expererience. But now, after several uses of the Aneros, I find that my prostate is apparently awakened...I read B. Mayfields' many informative posts before receiving the Aneros, frankly with a bit of salt...but wow, on inserting it I immeidatley felt sensations. No huge orgasm yet, as mentioned. But, Question: I read today Mayfield'spost about achieving dry orgasms without the Aneros in. Just sitting and contracting. Sitting in front of the computer, I scoffed. And then I tried it. Hooah. Incredible. I got the same waves of pleasure from the prostate area that I had been getting wiht Aneros installe in my anus. I could contract to a basal point--then further contract slightly, and then recover to the basal--and the pleasure waves would build. My family was moving about in the vicinity, so there was a limit...My question is this: having used the Aneros, have I lighted up the prostate? So that is more sensitive and receptive to manipulation? I remember the day I first masturbated at age 12--it was the morning and all the rest of the day my balls were on fire (I think I jerked off 4 more times that day...) Same kind of thing withe the Anerios? The prostate lighted up, at last?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Dear Lobo,

    Yes, this phenomena is definitely an "awakening" of a sort. I am currently of the belief that these sensations have been with us all for most of our lives but on such a low level that we've generally ignored them. It is only with proper mental focus and proper breathing and contractions that the magnitude of these precursor waves grow to a level where we perceive them as "pleasure waves". In the past I've alluded to the Aneros as a "hot-wire" for your body in that it facilitates a sensory feedback loop at one's "business end". But as you've learned for yourself, many of these same sensations are also available to you without the Aneros (albeit not nearly as intense). I think it comes down to recognizing these feelings inside yourself, focusing on them and following them where they take you. I've likened this to visiting someplace for a second or third time, and suddenly not needing the address anymore to find it! However, if one has the ability to generate these waves independent of the Aneros, I believe that once the Aneros is added into the equation the Super O is not only possible, it is inevitable!

    Awakened, lighted up ...regardless of how one describes it,.. it's great isn't it? You could put it another way; you now have an awareness/recognition that you've never had before. Perhaps this is the new sensitivity that you're experiencing. Believe me, there have been moments (in the course of a day) when I've had reign myself in, where the mere thought could make the waves begin!

    From how you've described it, it sounds as if you're close to the larger (Super O) experience as well. From here on, give yourself time, experiment, avoid laying expectation on yourself, just have's all good!

    B Mayfield