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  • I would like to introduce myself. My names Shawn and i'm Hetrosexual, I live in VT, USA and am turning 21 next month. I just purchased the aneros. I read about it on another site and decided to search for it on To my delight I was able to find the creators site and purchase it 8-). I can't wait to try it out. Hopefully this coming week.

    Anyways i've been sexually active since age 16. For some reason i've never been able to get any real satisfaction from normal penile orgasm. I'm not sure if its erectile dysfunction or what. I mean I did get hard and orgasm but it just seemed to ooze out with little sperm and wasn't super pleasant. Sometimes I even lost my errection and ocasionally I get a burning sensation in my urinary tubes later in the day after an orgasm. I did some reading and learned about prostate stimulation and decided to try it. I had no success doing it by hand so I decided to look into a device to help me and happened to find Aneros. I hope it proves to be as good as they say. I am very sexual and sex / masturbation is part of my life daily. I feel it is good for the body, pleasant and helps you burn calories at the same time. They say its very good exercise.

    Well I hope to hear from some of you guys. Newbies and Experts alike.

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    I too am a heterosexual 21 year old, and have been intrigued by prostate stimulation for a couple of months now. I haven't bought an aneros yet but i'm considering to purchase one. I have tried prostate stimulation using my fingers and even a dildo trying to apply the techniques described for the aneros (although I usually end up just doing what 'feels right'). The stimulation to my prostate feels good but I am far from an orgasm. I get involuntary twitching when I remove the dildo or fingers, never when their in! Will the aneros allow me to feel more than I've already felt?

    any comments?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    Dear Intrigued,

    I too am heterosexual and over the years have tried various different methods of prostate/anal stimulation; fingers, dildos, vibrators etc., but never got what I was looking for. I do know precisely what you mean, that on occasion, upon removal of one of the devices or a digit, I would notice some of what I can now term as "involuntary" contractions. However, they never lasted very long and were never of the magnitude that I would term as orgasmic.

    What makes the Aneros unique is that it is able to stimulate your prostate, anus and perineal accupressure point (the "sweet spot" as I call it) SIMULTANEOUSLY! YES, the Aneros will enable you to feel a great deal more than you've experienced before AND THEN SOME. If you enjoy anal play, (and it sounds as if you do) you will enjoy the Aneros right out of the box, either alone or in conjunction with a partner (inserted with intercourse). Furthermore, if you are willing to spend some time and do some new learning there is a "redefining" experience that awaits you. I'm talking about the "non-ejaculatory" orgasm or Super O (as I call it). What makes them "Super"? Well for starters the intensity of these orgasms are such that they can be a "whole body" experience, add to that the fact they can last several minutes each and can occur in multiples (my record is 12 in one 80 minute session) and you have something that is nothing short of life-changing. If you read some of my threads and threads and postings of others in this forum you'll get the picture.

    Check it out!

    B Mayfield
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    Just as an aside, I am a little more than twice your age, and as I described above I experimented extensively but could never do any better than to spice up a traditional penile orgasm with anal play. Not that it was bad, it's just that what I've found is that there is SO much more that we (as men) are capable of ! Sadly most men will go through their entire lives without knowing about it. It wasn't until about 15 months ago, when I first came across the Aneros, that my own sensory awakening began. Being your age (and presumably single) and discovering this multi-orgasmic potential...well, let's say it should make for endless possibilities. IT IS INTRIGUING!

    Again, check it out!